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The Truth About Beauty Sleep

You might have heard people say that they need their ‘beauty sleep.’ Is it just people being dramatic or does sleeping really benefit our skin, hair, and overall well-being?

Aarushi Chadha
Young Man Sleeping Soundly In Bed Scaled
Young Man Sleeping Soundly In Bed Scaled

You might have heard people say that they need their ‘beauty sleep.’ Is it just people being dramatic or does sleeping really benefit our skin, hair, and overall well-being?

Sleep is a way for our body to repair itself. When our body is in sleep mode, the cells in our body start to recover from the damage we incurred during the day. Not only that but getting a good night’s sleep every day even dictates our mood the next day, our eating habits, and our ability to be productive over everything else.

Studies conducted on poor sleep quality and lack of sleep have concluded that sleep deprivation is related to decreased attractiveness as sleep-deprived people look tired and less healthy. Poor sleep accelerates intrinsic aging, which includes the appearance of fine lines, reduced elasticity of the skin, and skin pigmentation. It also negatively affects our self-esteem.

What Happens to our Skin When We Sleep?

Things that happen to our skin when we are asleep

Our skin produces collagen

While we sleep, our body produces collagen, increases blood flow to the face, and helps the muscles in our face relax. Collagen production is important for our skin because it helps keep our skin stay soft, elastic, and supple.

Our hormone levels drop

When we sleep our stress hormone levels drop. When we do not get a good night’s sleep, our stress hormone increases which causes inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

Our skin becomes receptive to skin products

Night-time skincare products help accelerate the skin’s repair functions as we sleep.

Our skin cells regenerate- A good night’s sleep increases skin cell growth and repairs injured skin. The evening time promotes cell division that renews and repairs skin.

What are the overall benefits of Beauty Sleep?

Reduces wrinkles

When we sleep our skin produces collagen which prevents sagging. More collagen production makes our skin plumper and less likely to wrinkle. Not getting enough sleep can lead to fine lines as our skin is prone to drying.

Reduces dark eye circles

Getting quality sleep reduces dark eye circles. Lack of sleep leads to poor blood circulation, which can get collected around the eye. It also reduces under-eye puffiness.

Helps reduce weight

Lack of sleep results in increased production of ghrelin or the ‘hunger hormone.’ Ghrelin stimulates appetite, promotes fat storage, and can lead to overeating. However, with proper sleep our hunger and metabolism are well-regulated.

Leads to flowing complexion

Sleep boosts blood flow in our skin. Blood flow keeps our skin hydrated and moisturized while sleeping.

Improves self-esteem

Studies have shown that poor quality of sleep leads to lower satisfaction with our appearance. People who get proper sleep leads to a better perception of their appearance and physical attractiveness compared to those who sleep poorly.

Strengthens our heart

Low quality of sleep can increase our risk of developing heart disease. On the other hand, adults who slept 7 to 8 hours have a decreased risk.

Healthier, fuller hair

Sleep loss results in hair loss, breakage, damage, and even growth can all be affected by lack of sleep. Getting proper sleep results in better blood flow and can gain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from blood flow. Lack of sleep also results in more stress which can cause to lose hair.

Following a skincare regimen before sleeping can lead to better sleep. Before hitting the bid, wash your face and apply an overnight moisturizer that will help you stay hydrated throughout the evening. You can ensure a good night’s sleep by making some lifestyle changes, such as exercising regularly, eating healthy meals, not eating right before going to bed, not drinking alcohol, not using the phone, and quitting smoking completely.

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