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The Uses and Health Benefits of Lubica

Lubica is a berry of the Luby tree. The fruit is seen green before and red after ripening. This is known under various names.

Professor Rajendra Kumar

Lubica is a berry of the Luby tree.  The fruit is seen green before and red after ripening.  This is known under various names. It has small seeds inside. Lubby seedlings begin to bear fruit in four to five years after planting.  This tree is not grown commercially.  Lube is a tree that has been bearing fruit for over 50 years.

Uses and benefits of Lubica

Its main use is that it can be used with salt.  Lubica is often used in fish curries instead of tamarin.  It can be used for pickles and chutney. This can be prepared by adding Lubica, green chillies, salt and coconut oil to taste.  You can also make delicious jams with ripe lubica.

Its health benefits include the ability to reduce fat.  Therefore, it can be used as a medicine for obesity and stomach problems.

Another benefit of eating Lubica is that it lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the body.  This is an example of how lubrica can prevent heart disease.

The substances contained in lubica can increase bone strength.  So taking Lubica is beneficial for diseases like arthritis.

Lubica is also said to have the ability to fight diseases such as Alzheimer's.  So Lubica can be used as a medicine to enhance memory.

Lubica can be taken with food to cure digestive ailments.  It is also good to eat Lubica to prevent paralysis.

Lubica belongs to the genus Plum.  Like other fruits in this genus, Lubica can help prevent diabetes.  Its ability to lower blood glucose makes it a favourite of diabetic patients.

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