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These Amazing Tricks Can Keep Your Fruits & Veggies Stay Fresh and Last For Over 2 Months

When we buy fruits and vegetables, we wish they would last longer. A food blogger and mom of two has offered some tips for preserving veggies and fruits for up to two months.

Shivani Meena
Fresh Bell Peppers
Fresh Bell Peppers

Amy Lynn Cross of Washington, US, has disclosed that she uses distilled white vinegar, coupled with appropriate storage, to extend the life of her fruit. This means she purchases stock every three weeks for a family of four and attempts to save as much as she can. Furthermore, she only spends £200 every three weeks. 


Fill a big dish with 10 cups of water and a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar to keep peppers fresh for a greater duration of time, according to this food blogger. She then soaks the peppers in the water-vinegar combination for two minutes before taking them and drying them on a towel for a few hours. 

She inspects the peppers to ensure that they are entirely dry. She ensures this by slicing or chopping the peppers and storing them in wide-mouth, pint-size mason jars. 

The peppers stay crisp as usual. 


Amy soaks strawberries in a mix of 10 cups of water and 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar. This time, the mother allows the berries to soak for a maximum of three minutes, warning that much longer and the fruit may begin to ferment. She next rinses the berries in a sieve before laying them out on a cloth. 

She places some paper towel in the bottom of a glass jar and carefully places the berries in after they are entirely dry – which might take several hours. While the trick can keep the fruits fresh for weeks if kept in the fridge, Amy advises checking the jar for condensation. 

If it's wet, the berries must be taken, and the container must then be allowed to dry. 

'Your strawberries will last longer if you preserve them in an airtight jar,' she adds. For this reason, I don't make holes in the lid.' 


Amy may hold out for up to six weeks on them. She soaks the lettuce for two minutes in the same solution of 10 cups of water and 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar before washing the leaves to remove any dirt or worms. She subsequently spins the lettuce in a salad spinner before putting it out on a cloth to dry for 2 hours. 

She then places them in the container. 

There are many things that are ongoing due to Covid-19 Surge such as organic farming at your home, using fruit and vegetable cleaners, and preparing many other recipes.

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