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Top 10 Green Tea Brands in India

Green tea has taken over the world by promoting weight loss and many other health benefits. Combined with cancer preventives and supplements, green tea is one of the most beneficial beverages for your body. The majority of the population has thrown away their Masala Chai because of this drink that contains so many health benefits

Ayushi Raina
green tea
A Cup of Hot Green Tea !!

Green tea has taken over the world by promoting weight loss and many other health benefits. Combined with cancer preventives and supplements, green tea is one of the most beneficial beverages for your body.

The majority of the population has thrown away their Masala Chai because of this drink that contains so many health benefits. But with so many companies launching their green teas, one might wonder which one to choose.  So, we have compiled various best green tea brands which are available in India with all the necessary details, prices and from where to buy. 

Best Green Tea brands

Here’s a list of top green tea products in India;

Organic India 

As a brand, Organic India's popularity has increased in the recent years. They are committed to providing high-quality natural products and developing manageable action plans that are ethical, socially reliable, and environmentally conscious.  It is most effective for weight management. Their contributions to green tea include fortified tea bags and loose leaves. The green tea contribution is introducing fortified tea packs and loose leaves. Their items are very unique and as all their green teas are infused with tulsi or basil. They are available in many different flavors, including lemon ginger, black baron, jasmine and pomegranate. 

Cost- Rs.230/-  

Available on- 1Mg 


Equipped with fragrant Tiffany green tea, you can have an unimaginable taste and experience in just 2-3 minutes by boiling it in water. Due to its very good taste, typhoon green tea can be a choice for fitness fanatics, which is why it has become a leader among other green teas in terms of weight loss. In any case, it's a bit expensive, and this kind of tea can't find any support among financial planning-conscious buyers. Available in elite flavors such as jasmine, Moroccan mint and lemongrass, a spoonful of this tea every morning can provide customers with all the medical benefits. 

Cost- Rs.400/-  

Available on- Amazon 

24 Mantra Organic Green Tea 

The 24 mantra brand is a newcomer to this segment, however, their efforts to promote only organic products ensure that this tea has no side effects. The brand is famous for its cheap and easily available variants and is a favorite choice for many. One thing that sets this brand apart from others is that this tea comes not in leaf form but in powder form. The brand is offered in a variety of flavors, but taste has always been the backbone of the debate, as most consumers are not satisfied. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to green tea, this brand seems like a good choice.  

 Cost - Rs.149/- 

Available on- 1Mg 


Lipton is one of the most famous green tea brands in India. It is available in every corner, making it a suitable tea for many people. It is made with young tea leaves and contains no additives.  


Available on-Big Basket 

Green Tea
Green Tea

La Plant Green Tea 

La Plant is a brand based in Mumbai. Despite their up-to-date appearance in the market, they are well-performed and gradually gaining position.  The brand offers Tulsi, lemon and longleaf varieties of green tea in an exotic and unique blend. The tea is beautifully packaged and is available online at a reasonable price.  

Cost- Rs.130/-  

Available on-Amazon 

Twinning Green Tea 

It has been in the tea business since 1706. Like its variety, Twinings Green Tea has a flavor that is liberated from ordinary natural products. Drinking green tea recently has to do with staying away from substantial refreshments like drain tea and espresso. Besides caffeine-free green tea variations, there are attractive flavors of jasmine, Cranberry, lemon, ginger and mint. In particular, the mint flavor, due to its light and uplifting taste, is considered to be really effective for stomach problems. 

Cost- Rs.910/-  

Available on-Amazon 

Himalayan Green Tea 

As a brand, Himalaya has entered many segments, and green tea is one of them. Available in a pack of 10 tea bags, this is a perfect choice for green tea beginners. In case you don't like the taste, you can easily experiment with other flavors to finally choose your favorite. The smell and taste of Himalayan green tea is quite high, and a dip or two in hot water is enough to give your body the relaxation it needs. Its strong flavor makes it a favorite of those who want their brew to provide a powerful effect. 

Cost- Rs.110/-  

Available on- Amazon 


It is known as the highest quality tea and green tea in Sri Lanka, Bajiruru has an amazing variety of Ceylon green teas. Expectations will soon rise as the package itself is very beautiful and the tea lives up to these expectations. It is mildly sweet and has a light herbal flavor. 

Cost- Rs.350/-  

Available on- Amazon 


In India, Tetley is one of the first brands to launch green tea. It has expanded into many store shelves and quite a few homes. With many brands launching their own green tea, Tetley's popularity doesn't seem to have diminished.  

Cost- Rs.450/- 

Available On- Amazon 

Taj Mahal Green Tea 

Taj Mahal tea is very popular among Indian tea brands. The same is true for herbal teas provided by the Taj Mahal brand, sold by Hindustan Unilever, with variants such as honey lemon and Darjeeling, which taste great and have multiple health effects on the system. 

Cost- Rs.455/- 

Available on- Big Basket 

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