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BASF's Sefina : Whitefly's worst Nightmare

The German firm, BASF launched a very effective pesticide in the Sirsa region of Haryana. This new and advanced product has been named “Sefina”.

Monika Mondal

The German firm, BASF launched effective pesticide in the Sirsa region of Haryana on Sunday, 24 June 2018. This new and advanced product has been named “Sefina”.  Farmers worst nightmare are the diseases which harm his crops. Suckers and borers are the main culprits for the devastation of the farmers’ crop and Sefina has been developed to fight these insects. Along with this the company also launched another product named Prioxar. This product makes the crop greener and healthier, and works great for apple guard (tinda). Similarly, it enhances the quality of cotton. During the product launch, Sandeep Saini, business manager, BASF was present with a huge team to talk about the product.

All the important information related to Sefina and Prioxar were given to the assembly. The effects and control of the diseases spread by pests like whitefly and mealybug were given to the farmers.

Shows result in 10 days :

Sefina works on advanced and fast response mechanism. This product makes the insects dumb which makes them die of hunger and thirst. Sefina can be used on cotton and other vegetables which will prevent the infestation of the crop from borers and suckers. Sefina is a kind of penetrator which reaches the tip of plant’s leaves, that is because Sefina works in most efficient manner.

400 ml is used for per acre. The first spray is used against mealybug and whitefly which helps in limiting the attack of these pests, the second spray keeps whitefly away from the crop, which is used in the duration of 7-10 days depending upon the attack.

Due to the different location of attack of these pests on the plant, it is important to use Sefina on the whole plant. It is suggested to use Sefina within 10 days afterwards to stop the further infestation from whitefly.

Sandeep Saini, Business Manager responded to questions :

During the product launch, the crowd was interested in asking many questions related to the use, time period, effectiveness of the product.  Mr. Saini addressed every question in the most informative manner.Alongwith this, Mr. Arun from Faizabad was present in the gathering, who used the product for his cotton and other horticultural crops, which gave him good returns. He mentioned that using Sefina made his plant’s health better alongwith better productivity of the crop.

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