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Bayer organizes Covid-19 Vaccination Drive for its Employees

Bayer, a global life science company with over 125 years of presence in India, has successfully vaccinated 90% of its eligible employees at its manufacturing site in Vapi, Gujarat. The Bayer site at Vapi manufactures agrochemicals that has been listed as an essential industry to continue uninterrupted agricultural operations.

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Covid vaccination camp
Covid vaccination camp

Bayer, a global life science company with over 125 years of presence in India, has successfully vaccinated 90% of its eligible employees at its manufacturing site in Vapi, Gujarat. The Bayer site at Vapi manufactures agrochemicals that has been listed as an essential industry to continue uninterrupted agricultural operations.

To safeguard the health & safety of its employees, Bayer has organized three (free of cost) vaccination camps, two at its onsite Occupational Health Center at Vapi, and one offsite camp at a school located close to employees’ residences.  

All eligible employees (aged 45 years and above), including office staff and factory workers have successfully received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine, and have been registered for the second dose. Going a step further, Bayer has tied up with two local Public Health Centers at Chhiri and Karvad, to facilitate free of cost vaccination for employee’s immediate family members (aged 45 years and above)  

Post May 1, when India’s vaccination drive will be extended to everyone aged 18 years and above, Bayer plans to conduct more vaccination camps for the remaining employees. Meanwhile, all employees whose work does not require them to be physically present at the site, have been advised to work remotely. 

Speaking about the initiative, Narendra Shah, Director & Site Manager, Bayer Vapi Pvt. Ltd., said, “During these unprecedented times, our employees’ health is of utmost importance to us. Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the vaccination camps, we want to ensure safety of our employees and their families and support the Government’s vaccination drive. With a surge in cases, we have implemented stringent health & safety measures at our site and are conducting employee awareness drives to ensure adherence to Covid guidelines.”  

Besides vaccination camps, Bayer is offering its employees free online consultation sessions with doctors to clear queries regarding vaccination. Some other initiatives of Bayer include virtual sessions with experts on topics such as developing mental resilience to prevent anxiety, healthy diets and nutrition to enhance immunity, practicing self-care and simple tips to follow health & safety guidelines at work, home and at public places.    

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