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BioPrime Agrisolutions and Yara India Forge Sustainable Partnership to Combat Climate Uncertainties in Farming

BioPrime AgriSolutions partners with Yara India to leverage SNIPR technology for sustainable crop nutrition solutions, enhancing yield and resilience for farmers facing weather uncertainties.

KJ Staff
Agriculture Field (Representative Photo Source: Pexels)
Agriculture Field (Representative Photo Source: Pexels)

BioPrime AgriSolutions, a leading ag-biotech startup harnessing the power of agricultural biotechnology for sustainable and resilient farming practices, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Yara India, a subsidiary of Yara International, the world’s leading crop nutrition company. Bringing together BioPrime's cutting-edge SNIPR technology-based “Chiron” with Yara India’s expertise & leadership in crop nutrition, this collaboration marks a noteworthy milestone in serving farmers with sustainable solutions mitigating the risk of crop failures due to weather uncertainties & boosting the crop yields. 

Chiron, developed by BioPrime, leverages the cutting-edge SNIPR technology, utilizing small molecules to modulate plant responses effectively. This fast-acting formulation is designed to enhance flower count and improve flower-to-fruit conversion, resulting in a significant increase in crop yields. Additionally, Chiron helps in delivering better qualitative parameters like uniformity of produce & higher-grade output leading to additional profits for the farmers. Farmers have benefited with its capacity to mitigate climatic uncertainties and provide them with a reliable solution for achieving superior crop yields despite changing and challenging agricultural conditions.

“We are excited to collaborate with Yara India to deliver sustainable solutions built on the back of nature for the benefit of farming community”, said Dr. Renuka Diwan, CEO of BioPrime. “Together with Yara India, we have the huge opportunity to cater to the unmet needs of the farmers facing the brunt of weather uncertainties leading to loss in yield.”

Speaking on the partnership, Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director, Yara South Asia said, "We are delighted to announce Yara India's strategic partnership with Bio Prime, a leading player in biostimulants. This alliance signifies not just our mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability, but also a shared vision of a greener future for India. Yara India is committed to enhancing crop nutrition and soil health, ensuring healthier crops and improved livelihoods contributing to a nature-positive food future. “

This partnership between Bioprime Agrisolutions and Yara India marks a significant milestone in the agricultural sector, paving the way for innovation and sustainability in farming practices. Together, we are poised to empower farmers with the tools and solutions they need to thrive in an ever-evolving agricultural landscape.

Yara works closely with farmers to promote the use of balanced crop nutrition solutions through Yara branded retail outlets called Yara Crop Nutrition Centre (YCNC) and the FPO initiative resulting in enhanced yield and quality of output. The YCNCs have benefited over 1.2 million farmers across 1500 outlets in 17 states and 1 Union territory of India.

Yara India digitally connects with 5.5 million farmers across India and provide service to 218 FPOs touching over 150 thousand farmers. In 2019, Yara India Technology Centre (Yara ITC) was established to address Yara's technology demands and drive agile transformation. Being one of three Global Digital Hubs, Yara ITC plays a pivotal role in developing digital solutions.

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