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FarmERP Is All Set to Enter Middle East & North African Region

This brainchild of Shivrai Technologies can be the soul of the UAE’s Agriculture Sector when put to use in an efficient manner.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Borkar and Shinde, founders of FarmERP
Borkar and Shinde, founders of FarmERP

This brainchild of Shivrai Technologies can be the soul of the UAE’s Agriculture Sector when put to use in an efficient manner. Today UAE’s biggest concern is its dependency on others for everyday supplies. Even today this culturally rich region relies on others for 90% of its requirements.

The government has been boosting its investment in Agricultural and Agri-Tech research and development programs and is actively strategizing in order to become 30-40% agriculturally independent.

With the growing population, an issue as such being addressed today is a far better approach than waiting until it’s too late. Government bodies and Industry bodies in their attempt of becoming agriculturally independent are actively participating in UAE’s Agriculture and Food Security Week. The event is being held in UAE itself between 22nd to 25th November 2021.

With the active involvement of Government bodies, an event of this scale will have organizations participating from all across the globe. Amongst many participants, one such is FarmERP.

What is FarmERP?

FarmERP is an ERP platform designed by Shivrai Technologies that closely operates with UN’s 2 Sustainable Development Goals- Zero Hunger and Climate Change. This farm management software allows businesses to record their information which further enhances their end results, their business operations, and their decision-making process. Talking about their success, the brand has today assisted more than 1,30,000 (One Hundred & Thirty Thousand) farmers across the globe in over 30 countries.

This platform covers all the sub-verticals of farming and the capability of this platform to cater to various regions and crops is an added benefit. FarmERP works on Enterprise Agricultural Data and what sets this software apart from its competitors would be its capability to provide multiple software and integrate them into one single platform with an easy sign-on service for agri-stakeholders use.

Borkar and Shinde, founders of FarmERP wanted this service to be of easy use and hence they together designed a software that will easily help farmers across the globe to access this software and put it to use. The software functions on four solid pillars, Sustainability, Food Safety, Traceability, and Climate Resilience.

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