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Insecticides (India) Limited Launches Engaging Campaign with New Anthem for Tractor Brand, Strengthening Farmer Connections

IIL has once again reaffirmed its commitment to agricultural growth through farmer care and empowerment. The appeal of the 'Tractor Brand' originates from its ability to make IIL's mandate a reality, as well as its "hand-in-hand" relationship with farmer strategy.

Shivam Dwivedi
Insecticides (India) Limited Launches Engaging Campaign with New Anthem for Tractor Brand, Strengthening Farmer Connections
Insecticides (India) Limited Launches Engaging Campaign with New Anthem for Tractor Brand, Strengthening Farmer Connections

Insecticides (India) Limited, one of India's premier crop protection companies has launched an anthem for its revolutionary umbrella brand “Tractor Brand”. The anthem, which also features the brand's ambassador and Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn, covers several leading IIL products under the Tractor Brand, including Shinwa, Mission, Izuki, Hercules and Sofia. This comes as the company continues to seek more innovative ways to connect to farmers across India and beyond.

The campaign, conceptualized by BEI Confluence, a leading advertising agency with 360 integrated solutions with long experience in FMCG & Agri/Rural Category, would be transmitted across multiple platforms to provide the much-needed education and enlightenment to its teeming farmer population and raise awareness about the Tractor Brand. The anthem comes in a colorful potpourri of dance, music, laughter, and happy faces, performed in multiple languages to appeal to India's incredible diversity.

The bright scenery of the ad triggers an eruptive emotion of joy and abundance, the result that comes from applying the right crop protection products to their farms. IIL has been on a mission to help transform agricultural practices by offering cutting-edge innovation. "Our Tractor Brand is the hallmark of our innovativeness in finding practical solutions to the challenges that farmers face. By helping to protect their crops, and boosting yield, we're playing our role in safeguarding their livelihood and contributing to the rural economy,” said Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Limited.

"This is why this anthem is necessary and I am happy with its execution. Today Tractor Brand has its credibility and is popular among the farming community now we need to take this relationship to the next level. It is a great way to connect with them, and give them a sense of belonging to our ‘Tractor Brand’. We hope this will better take our message of the Tractor Brand and help the farmers understand the need to use our Tractor Brand range of products for increased productivity," he added.

The anthem was packaged with a well-thought-out strategy to make it easy for Indians to sing along and have a feel-good feeling, reflecting the brand's desire to uplift the farmer's spirit every time they use a Tractor Brand product. Aggarwal adds that the company aims to extend its support to the nation's agriculture sector by educating farmers on developing sustainable crops and providing the products that will help them achieve such crops.

IIL has reiterated its commitment once more to agricultural growth through farmers' welfare and empowerment. The popularity of the ‘Tractor Brand’ stems from its position to make the mandate of IIL a reality, as well as its "hand-in-hand" with farmer's strategy. The brand hopes that the campaign will be a catalyst as it hopes to consolidate its 105+ branded formulations, 380+ SKUs, and an impressive FY 2022-23 with about 5 new products and further growth in 2024.

Click here to Watch ‘Tractor Brand’ Video- #Desh Ki Shaan, Kisaan ki Pehchaan

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