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Krishi Jagran Media Group Presents a Year-long Series of Farmer Events Following Millionaire Farmers of India Awards

Krishi Jagran Media Group, a pioneering agricultural media house, is set to host a remarkable series of farmer events throughout the year, building upon the excitement surrounding the upcoming Millionaire Farmers of India Award Program.

P. S. Saini

With the award program scheduled for December 6 to December 8, 2023, the subsequent events promise to further empower and engage the farming community across the nation.

Following the grand conclusion of the Millionaire Farmers of India Award Program, Krishi Jagran Media Group has meticulously planned an extensive lineup of state-level, district-level, and block-level events, aiming to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and showcasing innovative agricultural practices.

The calendar of events for the year includes 20 state-level programs, each spanning two days and offering comprehensive insights into state-specific farming techniques, advancements, and success stories. These events, taking place between December 2023 and November 2024, are expected to attract a massive gathering of 2500 to 3000 farmers, creating an ideal environment for companies to exhibit their products and services through dedicated stalls.

Additionally, a hundred one-day seminars will be held at the district level, serving as knowledge-sharing hubs where farmers can access valuable information, industry expertise, and the latest trends in agriculture. With an estimated attendance of 250-300 farmers per seminar, companies can engage directly with their target audience and establish meaningful connections.

Krishi Jagran Media Group has devised an extensive publicity strategy to ensure comprehensive coverage and maximum outreach, leveraging print, social, and digital platforms. This multifaceted approach will ensure the events receive widespread attention, enabling companies to reach a broader audience and strengthen their brand presence in the agricultural sector.

Moreover, 400 ground activities will be conducted at the block level throughout the year, serving as interactive platforms for farmers to collaborate, learn, and share their experiences. These activities will facilitate direct access to experts and create opportunities for farmers to enhance their skills, explore innovative technologies, and gain valuable insights into sustainable farming practices.

Krishi Jagran Media Group cordially invites all companies seeking to make a significant impact in the agricultural domain to participate in these events. This series of farmer events presents an unparalleled chance to showcase products, forge partnerships, and contribute to the growth and development of the farming community on a national scale.

For more information about the upcoming series of farmer events, please visit Krishi Jagran Media Group's official website.

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