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Lenovo's Work for Humankind Initiative Revives Lost Millet Varieties in Kerala's Kanthalloor

Lenovo's Work for Humankind initiative successfully revitalizes six millet varieties in Kerala's Kanthalloor, marking a significant step towards agricultural sustainability and community empowerment.

Shivam Dwivedi
Lenovo's Work for Humankind Initiative Revives Lost Millet Varieties in Kerala's Kanthalloor (Pic Courtesy: Lenovo)
Lenovo's Work for Humankind Initiative Revives Lost Millet Varieties in Kerala's Kanthalloor (Pic Courtesy: Lenovo)

Lenovo, the global technology leader, proudly announces the successful completion of its Work for Humankind Initiative, resulting in the revival of six millet varieties in Kanthalloor, Kerala. Marketed as Kanthalloor Millets, these varieties are set to grace the kitchens and tables of local homestays and Anganwadi schools, thanks to Lenovo's innovative tech-based prototype model designed to rejuvenate millet cultivation, streamline production processes, and establish crucial market linkages.

A pivotal achievement in this initiative was the establishment of the Lenovo Digital Center for Kanthalloor Millets at the IHRD College for Applied Sciences in Kanthalloor. This center ensures that the community has access to technological tools essential for the success of the project.

Serving as a hub for vital information related to government schemes such as state crop insurance, crop diversification schemes, subsidies, peer learning, and insights on millet cultivation methods, the center has enabled digital access for the farming community. Today, farmers in Kanthalloor utilize smartphones to access information, stay connected with the digital center, volunteers, and engage with the community.

Lenovo has also announced a strategic partnership with Samudra Network and Agri App to digitize the agricultural value chain specific to millet farming in Kanthalloor. This collaboration includes tracking crop details, digitizing processing operations for quality control, and creating a market catalogue.

“At Lenovo, we believe our smarter technology solutions have the power to bridge the digital divide and create a more inclusive world with lasting impact. Our Work for Humankind initiative in Kanthalloor is a testament to this belief. With support from Dream India Network, we have empowered farmers to harness the magic of technology to revive millet cultivation and make them market-ready. Kanthalloor is a testament that access to technology can transform communities and even revive lost traditions,” said Pratima Harite, Head of Asia Pacific CSR & Philanthropy, Lenovo Foundation.

Kanth Mohandas, Kanthalloor Gram Panchayat President, expressed, “Millet is part of Kanthalloor’s history, and we are glad to have revived our traditional farming practices with the help of modern technology. We would like to thank Lenovo and all their partners involved in this project for making Kanthalloor Millets a reality. This is yet another feather in the cap of Kanthalloor which recently won Gold for Best Tourism Village in Kerala from the Central government. The Gram Panchayat will support and nurture this initiative for the long term.”

As part of the initiative, Lenovo has also established a millet processing center run by the women members of the Kudumbashree Self-Help Group in Kanthalloor. This center offers services to the farming community, purchases millets from farmers to ensure timely payments, and serves as a seed bank and sales hub for Kanthalloor Millets.

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