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maxEEma Biotech: The Sustainable Future of Residue Free Farming

maxEEma Biotech is a green agricultural sciences firm proceeding with cultivation through innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies.

Shivangi Rai
Kandarp Bakshi, Chairman, maxEEma Biotech
Kandarp Bakshi, Chairman, maxEEma Biotech

Making a move towards a sustainable future, maxEEma Biotech takes pride in introducing itself as one of the industry's pioneers in the field of certified organic/ agrochemicals for crop and soil care. Since 1997, the firm has been conducting research in this field and is now the Top Indian Organic Crop Care Company with a state-of-the-art production facility that adheres to GLP/GMP standards. The Firm has placed itself as an accountable health organization to assist growers in offering healthy food to the world's 7.8 billion people. The company promises to deliver new techniques for the protection of crop yields as well as safeguarding biodiversity and natural resources thereby leading the way with an integrated approach where organics and synthetics coexist.

Why Choose maxEEma Biotech?

maxEEma is a green agricultural sciences firm proceeding with cultivation through innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies. From industry-leading discovery pipelines to a unique application system to modern organic solutions, the firm is passionate about bringing solutions to growers around the world.

maxEEma is devoted to acknowledging farmers' needs. The firm is investing significant resources in tracking down new active ingredients, developing innovative formulations, and organic agrochemicals supporting sustainable agriculture around the world focusing on market-driven technologies. With precision agriculture and innovation, the firm is leading a technology portfolio and is assessing global challenges for the most relevant agricultural production with its sustainability assessment tool for sustainable development production.

At maxEEma, they are committed to conducting their business with honesty and integrity and obeying all the relevant laws. Laws and standards vary in different countries and cultures but, as a global company, their common aim and continuing commitment is to maintain high standards wherever they function.

Similarly, maxEEma Biotech is well-known for its organic product line as well as the 360-degree solution it offers to the market. The company’s commitment to sustainable organic agriculture drives its R&D efforts to develop organic solutions with competitive performance features, such as longer shelf life of the product performance at a lower use rate and compatibility with other chemicals. maxEEma's green chemistry technology portfolio is among the most powerful in the industry, with biostimulants, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, viricides, termiticides, and various other new active ingredients serving as the foundation for new products that address growers' constantly evolving technological needs. The firm has three different marketing divisions: contract manufacturing, retail marketing, and export. Also, it has a strong sales network in India and the states of Nigeria. maxEEma has also been supplying products to several reputable manufacturers there as well as in the US, Germany, Israel, Peru, Chile, Kenya, and many other nations.

maxEEma Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Products
maxEEma Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Products

How is it different from the other company?

The Company has been working in this area of research since 1997 and now happens to be the Top Indian Organic Crop Care Company with the state of art production amenities as per the GLP/GMP standards for soil and crop care. The Products are also possessed with the certification of Organic Certification as per IFOAM and NPOP standards.

Using the miracles of science to launch a range of innovative organic crop conservation and nutrition products, maxEEma is implementing new Green Chemistry-based solutions and is offering 360-degree formulas for the pest and nutrition problems of crops, soil, and seeds to the global farming community. Currently, maxEEma is honestly a better option in the bunch of other companies with a higher cognitive, knowledge, and information base and a rich source of purest herbal, organic, microbial, and pesticide ingredients. Relishing the reputation of being the benchmark setter for other firms in this business domain, maxEEma’s on-field product performance has sanctioned it to stay far ahead of the other major players in the zone of organic crop care formulations.

According to Kandarp Bakshi, Chairman of maxEEma Biotech, "We want to be the most admired Indian agrochemical company on the planet. Our growth will come from the addition of a few new verticals like microbial formulations, seeds & tissue culture division, Digital Grower advisory platform, and on-site spray solutions by Drones. We are in different phases of implementation of our future expansion of goals. Our dedication to sustainable agriculture drives our “Residue Free Farming (RFF) Initiative” to develop solutions with performance attributes that increase the competition, including longer shelf life, performance at lower use rates, and compatibility with other chemistries. Also, we propose to bring an IPO in late 2023 to meet the investment need for a wide and deep expansion program”.

“Organic farming is our duty,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while addressing the nation on the 75th Independence Day on August 15. Modi ji mentioned organic and natural farming twice in his speech, as he talked about turning to chemical-free agriculture. This in itself is a strong signal of the fast evolution of organic farming and thus organic agrochemicals in India. Keeping in mind the vision of our PM Narendra Modi,  maxEEma Biotech has come up with this range of products.

Types of Organic Products maxEEma offers:

With the introduction of environment and nutrition-friendly products such as bio-pesticides, agricultural adjuvants, bio-stimulants, and nutrients, etc. the environment stays less harmed with reduced biological activities in soil, reduced water resources pollution, soil salinity, and more such problems.

Advantages of choosing maxEEma:

  • High Performance

To give the best performance, all the products are designed in such a manner that they will offer good results in any environment with consistent performance across varied crop spectrums, environmental extremes, and problems.

  • Economical

With the deeper examination process, the company is devoted to providing a high price-performance ratio. On the very first look, the products might look expensive but after a crisp examination calculating the doses, several benefits from the products, etc. anyone can be easily persuaded that Green Earth provides economical solutions.

  • Non-Pollutant

The Products offered by Green Earth don’t harm the environment and the environment, soil, and water bodies all are safe and not polluted by any of the products which in turn means better microorganisms development, soil structure, water body ecosystem development, etc.

  • Honest Label Claim

The Company also provides its customers with complete details of the product content, its application, and other such relevant information useful for its customers honoring them with the right to know what they are using.

  • Safe

It offers safer-to-use products and is harmless while used on crops. Also, it acts as a tonic for plants and does not inhabit any damage if used in a preventive mode.

  • Proven

With experience of over 20 plus years across the globe the usage of maxEEma products demonstrated that “Organic is Costly, Organic is Slow” which is a Myth!

maxEEma Biotech is a pioneer of Crop Care Products of organic and biochemical origin aiming to be among the most admired Indian Companies with a global presence and has always believed in balancing economic, social, and environmental objectives. With the well-aware responsibility to provide products and services which effectively fulfill growing food, fuel, and fodder requirements driven by social and economic development in a secure and sustainable manner.

Also, when more details appear, we will update this story and keep you posted. For now, you can visit www.maxeemabiotech.com to know more about maxEEma Biotech and its offerings.

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