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Revamp Moto and NACOF Oorja Sign a MoU to Enhance Rural and Agricultural Mobility through Its Portfolio of EVs

Revamp Moto partners with NACOF Oorja to introduce sustainable electric vehicle solutions for rural and agricultural mobility in India.

Shivam Dwivedi
Revamp Moto and NACOF Oorja Sign a MoU to Enhance Rural and Agricultural Mobility through Its Portfolio of EVs
Revamp Moto and NACOF Oorja Sign a MoU to Enhance Rural and Agricultural Mobility through Its Portfolio of EVs

Revamp Moto, one of India’s leading modular electric two-wheeler manufacturers, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NACOF Oorja to enhance rural and agricultural mobility by introducing innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective electric vehicle solutions in rural and agricultural sectors. NACOF Oorja is one of India’s leading Renewable Energy developers and operators engaged in design, consultancy, integration, supply, installation, commissioning & maintenance of off-grid and grid-connected Solar Power Plants.

The MoU was signed at a gala launch event which was graced by the presence of Distinguished Chief Guest, Ram Iqbal Singh, Founder Chairman NACOF, P. Sureshbabu, Managing Director, NACOF Oorja Pvt. Ltd, along with three Co-Founders of Revamp Moto, Pritesh Mahajan, Jayesh Tope and Pushkaraj Salunke.

The collaboration between Revamp Moto and NACOF Oorja will see Revamp Moto leverage NACOF’s more than 8 crore farmer network to market and distribute Revamp Moto’s portfolio of best-in-class electric vehicles, to reach a wider audience of micro-entrepreneurs in rural and agricultural India. In alignment with Revamp Moto's Empowerment Centres, NACOF holds the distinct advantage of having the same level of potential hubs within the NACOF network which has the potential to bring at least 75,000-1,00,000 of Revamp’s EVs onto Indian roads and empower half a million farmers by 2028.

Commenting on the landmark association, Ram Iqbal Singh, Founder Chairman NACOF said, "NACOF Oorja is dedicated to making a significant impact in the renewable energy sector through pioneering initiatives like India's first integrated solutions, including Electric Farm Equipment and Specialized Electric Vehicles for Farmers. Our goal is to empower farmers by simplifying their lives."

Jayesh Tope, Co-founder of Revamp Moto said, “Revamp Moto is delighted to partner with NACOF Oorja to build a new market and set of customers for its modular EVs through one of India’s most effective and well-connected networks. As a leading facilitator making dreams come true for micro-entrepreneurs by allowing them to conduct their business seamlessly and efficiently on the go. By, bringing the Revamp Moto portfolio closer to farmers and rural entrepreneurs, Revamp Moto and NCAOF Oorja are proud to provide rural entrepreneurs the platform to bring their vision to life.”

Also commenting on this momentous partnership was P. Sureshbabu, Managing Director, NACOF Oorja Pvt. Ltd. saying, “With the dedicated efforts of the NACOF Oorja team alongside the entrepreneurial spirit of our youth, we are assured that a bright future awaits us."

The NACOF Centres would provide micro-entrepreneurs with accessible business opportunities, facilitated by Revamp's versatile Modular Utility Vehicles. These ‘Made-in-India’, modular EVs will be made available with swiftly swappable co-branded attachments namely the Front box, Goods Carrier Box, Crate Rack, Side Rack, Koolkeep, Portable Powerhouse, Flat Rack and Carrier. The collaboration between Revamp Moto and NACOF Oorja will see both parties work with their financial partners to provide easy access to tailored and affordable financial products for farmers and rural businesses to facilitate the purchase of Revamp Moto’s electric vehicles by NACOF members, including subsidies, loans, and leasing options.

The transportation and logistics needs of various cooperative members of NACOF as well as several affiliated businesses will be carried out using the highly sought-after portfolio of Revamp Moto's Electric Vehicles. Revamp Moto will bring its state-of-the-art fleet management solutions and leverage integrated IoT technology to enable real-time vehicle tracking, performance monitoring, and data analytics thereby enhancing operational efficiency and safety across the fleet. The modular EV manufacturer will also offer service support and training for the maintenance and operation of the vehicles.

This association will go a long way in helping RevampMoto achieve its mission of empowering and impacting 1 million lives by 2028 through its innovative and highly sustainable mobility solutions to help increase and improve the productivity and efficiency of micro-entrepreneurs like farmers. As per the terms of the MoU, the collaboration between Revamp Moto and NACOF Oorja will help build the customer base for both organisations through the mutual agreement to promote each other’s brand through their established network.

This will serve to deploy at least 1 Lakh vehicles that will undoubtedly impact the lives of well over half a million farmers in India positively and increase their productivity, efficiency and income level by allowing them to conduct business on the go.

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