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SolutionBuggy Eyes Middle-East Market; Plans to Open a New Office in UAE

SolutionBuggy, India's largest manufacturing consulting platform dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, prepares for international expansion by entering the Middle East.

Shivam Dwivedi
Arjun N, Founder and CEO, SolutionBuggy
Arjun N, Founder and CEO, SolutionBuggy

Given the enormous potential in the Middle East market, SolutionBuggy plans to open a new office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The manufacturing consulting platform has offices in Noida and Bengaluru at the moment, but it works on projects all over India. 

It has already begun to establish itself in the global market through the successful completion of projects in markets such as Nepal and Switzerland. The company also intends to expand into African countries such as Ghana, Zambia, and Nigeria.

Talking about the company’s expansion plans, Arjun N, Founder and CEO, SolutionBuggy said, "Previously dependent on oil, the Middle East market is now looking at new industries and investing extensively in them, including textiles, chemicals, drone technology, agri-tech, and organic fertilisers. After completing more than 3000 projects in India, our team began receiving numerous enquiries from the Middle East region, initially to see whether our company could compete with some of the quotes they had from China.”

“The clients we worked with had complete faith in us as a result of our ability to demonstrate transparent and superior quality services, and greater access to a large pool of talented experts located throughout India and managed by a single point of contact i.e., SolutionBuggy. As a result, we were rewarded with the complete implementation of a silk textile manufacturing unit setup in the UAE," he added.

"We see enormous potential in developing countries for industrial facilities. Many times, businesses have been caught in a bind with equipment that is either not producing the desired results or requires a specialized workforce to operate. In these situations, SolutionBuggy as a platform gives access to both new and established sectors, allowing them to improve their workflows and hire the best personnels for their projects. Therefore, whether an ethanol plant is built in Mirzapur or Zambia, we have the engineering know-how to complete the project." shares Guruprasad Bangle, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, SolutionBuggy.

SolutionBuggy is focusing on the markets in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Brazil in industries like food processing, ethanol plants, aerospace and defence, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electric vehicles.

"We are having a stellar growth rate of almost 110 percent over the last year, and this is looking at only India's business. Once we consider our order books from outside countries, we are looking at even higher growth rates," said Vikas Manral, Co-founder & CMO, SolutionBuggy.

SolutionBuggy is an end-to-end project management consulting firm that is eager to grow in other locations and take on complete implementation projects for new plant setup, technology transfer, diversification, etc. Notably, the manufacturing consulting platform also collaborates with trade bodies and consults in Denmark, Israel, Germany, Malaysia and France to assist businesses from these countries in entering the Indian market through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, technology transfers, and contract manufacturing.

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