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Valagro Launches Sustainable Microbial-Based Solutions with the Biological Diversity Act

Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and nutritional specialities, launches the second edition of the Valagro for Future Farming project on 21st February 2019 at Le Meridien, New Delhi.

Tooba Maher

Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and nutritional specialities, launches the second edition of the Valagro for Future Farming project on 21st February 2019 at Le Meridien, New Delhi.  

The company intends to use the event to promote and strengthen, in its main target markets. It’s commitment to build tomorrow's agriculture by developing and supplying increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions and technologies.  

Interestingly, the launch of Valagro's new line of microbial-based solutions was the centre-piece of the event, entitled "The key role of Biologicals for Indian Agriculture", which was held in conjunction with the BioAg World Congress. Along with leading experts and opinion leaders in the sector, the company showcased Valagro's development prospects in the field of biologicals, prospects pursued by the Group's Indian subsidiary, Valagro BioSciences Ltd, following its achievement of compliance with the Biological Diversity Act (2002) from the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) in relation to the use of 10 strains of bacteria/microorganisms to produce solutions for the Indian agricultural market. 

Giuseppe Natale, the CEO of Valagro said, "Compliance with the Biological Diversity Act recognised by the NBA is truly a turning point in Valagro's history and in the journey so far of the Indian subsidiary, Valagro BioSciences. Moreover, it represents a concrete step forward towards realising Valagro's long-term global strategy, which is to take a leading role in the biologicals sector for the agriculture of the future, an agriculture that is truly more productive, more efficient and more sustainable.” 

The CEO even thanked there exclusive GeaPower technology platform, developed at their research facilities in Italy and India.  

He further added, “Valagro will be able to expand its range of innovative and sustainable solutions, including biostimulants, biofertilisers and biocontrol products. We thus give substance to our commitment to better serve farmers all over the world, by providing them with real support in achieving higher yields, better quality crops in a more sustainable way. This is the ultimate goal of the Valagro for Future Farming project in India, as in the rest of the world." 

Sanjay K. Tokala, Country Manager, Valagro BioSciences said, "The launch of the new line of microorganism-based solutions is the result of a journey begun in 2016 and successfully completed two years later, with the achievement of compliance with the Biological Diversity Act.” 

He thanked to significant investments to improve the Indian subsidiary's research and production assets, with particular reference to the research centre and the Pashamylaram facility. This makes us particularly proud of the results achieved, and above all it is a sign that Valagro BioSciences is increasingly becoming a point of reference for Indian farmers, whom we intend to offer the best of innovation to combine efficiency, productivity and quality."

Valagro is a leader in the production and commercialisation of biostimulants and specialty nutrients. It was founded in 1980 and headquartered in Atessa (Italy). Valagro is committed to provide innovative and effective solutions for plant nutrition and care. Its mission is to increase the quantity and quality of plants and harvested crops while enhancing productivity and reducing the environmental impact of cultivations. 

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