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Yara India Partners with Uttar Pradesh Government to Empower Potato Farmers

The partnership between Yara India and the Uttar Pradesh Government marks a significant milestone in empowering potato farmers and promoting agricultural sustainability.

Shivam Dwivedi
Yara India Partners with Uttar Pradesh Government to Empower Potato Farmers (Photo Source: @spshahibjp)
Yara India Partners with Uttar Pradesh Government to Empower Potato Farmers (Photo Source: @spshahibjp)

Yara India, a leading agricultural solutions provider, has recently forged a strategic partnership with the Department of Horticulture and Food Processing, Government of Uttar Pradesh. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was formalized during the 2nd International Conference and Buyer-Seller Meet in Agra. This collaboration seeks to bolster the productivity and quality of potato crops, thereby facilitating market acceptance and improving the livelihoods of farmers in the region.

Objective of the Partnership

The primary aim of this partnership is to acquaint potato farmers with cutting-edge digital technologies and empower them with the necessary skills to enhance farming efficiency and sustainability. By introducing emerging digital innovations and fostering capacity building, both Yara India and the Uttar Pradesh Government aspire to revolutionize farming practices and ensure a more prosperous future for farmers.

Visit to Yara's Knowledge Grows Centre (YKGC)

Following the signing of the MoU, Dr. Atul Kumar Singh, Director of the Horticulture and Food Processing Department, Uttar Pradesh, visited Yara's Knowledge Grows Centre (YKGC) in Agra. The YKGC serves as a hub for excellence, promoting the development and adoption of best farming practices. During the visit, officials from the Uttar Pradesh Government interacted with Yara's leadership team and engaged with local potato farmers. Notably, they toured four demonstration potato plots, showcasing Yara's efforts to enhance crop productivity and contribute to farmers' livelihoods.

Statements from Key Stakeholders

Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director of Yara South Asia, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing its transformative potential for potato farmers in Uttar Pradesh. He highlighted the commitment to building an ecosystem that supports farmers' livelihoods while revolutionizing food systems through digital innovations such as the FarmCare app.

Dr. Atul Kumar Singh echoed Kanwar's sentiments, emphasizing the significance of the partnership in empowering farmers. He praised Yara India's expertise and the YKGC in Agra as invaluable resources for enhancing farming practices and improving crop productivity and quality.

Role of Yara Knowledge Grow Center (YKGC)

The YKGC in Agra serves as a focal point for disseminating knowledge and conducting training programs for farmers. It provides a platform for physical meetings and engages with the local community to promote sustainable farming practices. Additionally, the research farm within the YKGC facilitates scientific studies on innovative solutions for existing crops and explores the viability of new crops and farming techniques in the region. Through these efforts, Yara India aims to create an ecosystem that uplifts the livelihoods of farmers and fosters agricultural sustainability.

By leveraging digital technologies and fostering knowledge exchange through initiatives like the YKGC, both entities are poised to enhance crop productivity, improve food quality, and ensure the prosperity of farmers in the region.

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