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10 Startups for Climate Smart Technologies & Innovations in agriculture

The challenges faced by agriculture are no less nowadays. Climate change one big challenge in agriculture that needs to be addressed seriously as it affects various sectors of agriculture such as water resources, forestry, biodiversity, human wealth, energy and infrastructure. The scarcity of range of strategies to mitigate the problem is limited and needs to be addressed. For this reason Climate smart technologies has come up as the most promising solution to the country’s big problem.

Dr. Sangeeta Soi

The challenges faced by agriculture are no less nowadays. Climate change one big challenge in agriculture that needs to be addressed seriously as it affects various sectors of agriculture such as water resources, forestry, biodiversity, human wealth, energy and infrastructure.  The scarcity of average strategies to mitigate the problem is limited and needs to be addressed. For this reason Climate smart technologies, come up as the most promising solution to the country’s big problem. The innovations are being rolled out for farm management, data analytics, supply chain management, e-commerce models, processing technologies and equipment, packaging, market access, financial and retail, amongst others, which are related in one way or the other for climate change.

1. AgSmartic 

Innovation/Startup Name: AgSmartic Technologies 
Founder/CEO: Abhishek Sinha and Rashi Verma 
Brief about the Startup: AgSmartic Technologies Pvt Ltd. was founded with the mission to help farmers increase their farm yield using a data-driven approach. 
Beneficiaries: Farmers, FPOs and Pesticides and Fertilizer Companies 

2. Atom Solar 

Innovation/Startup Name: Atom Solar 
Founder/CEO: Vivek Mundkur 
Brief about the startup: Atom Solar is driven by the simple philosophy of making affordable solar-powered water pumping solutions for rural and urban areas. 
Beneficiaries: Urban and rural beneficiaries. 

3. Avante Grade Innovations 

Innovation/ Startup Name: AVATAR™ Small Wind Turbine 
Founder/ CEO: Arun George and Anoop George 
Brief about the startup: an Indigenously developed innovative multipurpose turbine that can be used as a wind turbine, hydel turbine or a tidal turbine. 
It has brought down the cost of small wind power by three quarters, thus making them affordable and sustainable for households, agriculturists, and commercial users and has near maintenance-free service for years. 
Beneficiaries: Households, Farmers, MSME firms, Commercial Offices, Industries, NGOs etc. 

4. Black Box 

Innovation /Startup Name: Black Box 
Founder/CEO: Sahil Peerzada and Sachin Adhikari 
Brief about the startup: Black Box is a unique technology developed by scientists in Spain. It can be easily set up in any factory or plant. Regular cold storage utilizes nitrogen. However, in the Black Box system, neither nitrogen nor any preservative is used. 

5. Dhwani RIS 

Innovation/Startup Name: Dhwani Rural Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. 
Founder/CEO: Sunandan Madan & Swapnil Agarwal 
Brief about the Startup: Dhwani Rural Information Systems is building innovative ICT solutions for Indian agriculture sector. They have developed a Digital Library for farmers with Sehgal Foundation (NGO). Digital Library is a mobile app based & offline desktop app based repository of agronomy information, shared with farmers through GPS tracked mobile information, with farmers. 

6. Eco-friendly water Retention Polymer 

Innovation/Startup Name: Eco-friendly Water Retention Polymer. 
Founder/ CEO: Narayan Lal Gujar 
Brief about the startup: It helps to tackle water scarcity and is designed to absorb water in the soil. It works on the properties of Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP).It absorbs 400 times of water than its own weight, retains this water for a long time and supply the water to crops when required. 

7. Ecociate Consultants Pvt. Ltd 

Innovation/Startup Name: Ecociate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 
Founder/CEO: Saroj Kumar Mohanta, Kriti Prasanna Mishra 
Brief about the startup: Ecociate works with private sector- that includes Corporate, MSMEs and social enterprises to support them to move towards creating sustainable business models (SBMs). It has brought in sustainability principles and actions into the sectors it serves like agribusiness, sanitation, health etc. 

8. Edible Routes Private Ltd. 

Innovation/Startup Name: Edible Routes Private Limited 
Founder/CEO:  Kapil Mandawewala 
Brief about the Startup: The Startup helps to find ways for people to grow food and eat seasonally. It encourages people to grow their own fruits, vegetables and even crops. Their aim is to crate regenerative and diverse ecosystems that also provide food for the body and soul. 

9. ERGOs 

Innovation/ Startup Name: ERGOs 
Founder/CEO: Kishor Jha 
Brief about the startup: ERGOS is a Bangaluru-based agri-supply chain firm that is solving the warehousing problem of farmers in Bihar. 
Uniqueness: Onboarding and servicing farmers through ERGOS Digital platform and offline backed by a grid of rural medium and micro warehouses at farm-gate across the geography for storage, credit access, and forward linkages. Fully integrated forward linkages and Credit access platform for farmers, and end buyers-food processing companies. 

10. FarmerUncle 

Innovation/StartUp: FarmerUncle 
Founder/CEO: Saazid Singha 
Uniqueness: It is a platform which enables consumers to buy directly from growers of their produce. The presence of handpicked and curated farmers ensures that the consumers get only the best quality produce. 
Beneficiaries: Farmers and Consumers 

To know about more start-ups or any detail regarding the abovementioned:

Contact:  sangeeta@krishijagran.com 

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