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3rd G20 Tourism Meeting Set to Convene in Srinagar from May 22-24

The G20 Tourism Working Group meeting in Srinagar aims to strengthen economic growth, preserve cultural heritage, and promote sustainable development in the region.

Shivam Dwivedi
3rd G20 Tourism Meeting Set to Convene in Srinagar from May 22-24 (Photo Source: PIB)
3rd G20 Tourism Meeting Set to Convene in Srinagar from May 22-24 (Photo Source: PIB)

The third G20 Tourism Working Group meeting is scheduled to take place from May 22-24, 2023 in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Arvind Singh, announced this during a press conference held in New Delhi yesterday, May 19.

Arvind Singh provided insights into the meeting, stating that the agenda will primarily focus on two key deliverables of the Tourism Working Group. The first is the GOA Roadmap for Tourism, which aims to leverage tourism as a means to achieve sustainable development goals. The second deliverable is the G20 Tourism Ministers' Declaration.

The meeting will serve as a platform for G20 member countries, invited countries, and international organizations to provide valuable input and feedback on these draft documents. Following negotiations with G20 member countries, the final versions of these documents will be presented at the fourth Tourism Working Group meeting and Ministerial meeting.

Under India's G20 Tourism Track, the Tourism Working Group is focusing on five priority areas: Green Tourism, Digitalization, Skills, MSMEs, and Destination. These priority areas serve as crucial foundations for expediting the tourism sector's transition and meeting the targets set for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On May 22nd and 23rd, a side event titled "Film Tourism for Economic Growth and Cultural Preservation" will be organized, where strategies for promoting film tourism will be discussed. The event will witness the participation of G20 member countries, invited countries, international organizations, and industry stakeholders. A draft "National Strategy on Film Tourism" will also be unveiled during the event to provide a roadmap for utilizing films in promoting tourist destinations.

Distinguished speakers from G20 member countries and invited countries will participate in a panel discussion, shedding light on country-specific challenges and enablers in utilizing films for destination promotion.

Alongside the main event, a national-level side event will be organized in collaboration with FICCI, focusing on "Promoting Incredible India through Film Tourism." This event will provide states and union territories with an opportunity to share their policies and best practices that have facilitated the growth of film tourism. Industry stakeholders will also provide suggestions on encouraging filmmakers to explore various locations across the country.

Another side event, organized in partnership with CII, will explore the role of ecotourism in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This event, titled ‘Ecotourism as a Vehicle to Achieve Sustainable Development Goal,’ will discuss effective strategies, best practices, and synergies between the public and private sectors to accelerate sustainable development efforts. Experts and representatives from wildlife organizations and industry associations will deliver noteworthy presentations.

Delegates attending the meeting will have the chance to experience local attractions and visit the Art and Craft Bazaar organized by the State Government. This bazaar will showcase local handicrafts and the work of artisans, emphasizing the significance of community participation. Furthermore, delegates will engage in do-it-yourself activities at the Craft Bazaar, gaining hands-on experience.

The Ministry of Tourism will promote local products from Jammu and Kashmir by presenting souvenirs, including Paper Mache Boxes featuring intricate flower and box patterns, Saffron from Pampore-Srinagar (referred to as the 'saffron capital of India'), Kawa cups and Brass Spoons, and Walnuts sourced from Anantnag, Shopian, and Kupwara, which are renowned across India and exported globally.

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, welcomes the participation of delegates from G20 member countries, invited countries, and international organizations to collaborate in advancing the tourism sector and achieving the SDGs 2030. The G20 gathering provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to highlight the region's tourism potential & cultural richness.

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