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After Mother Dairy & Amul, Sid's Farm Raises Milk Prices After 2 Years

The new prices for 500 ml milk packs of Cow Milk now stand at Rs.40, Buffalo Milk is priced at Rs.48 and new price for half litre Skimmed Milk is Rs.30.

Shivani Meena
Sid Farm raises milk prices
Sid Farm raises milk prices

Sid’s Farm, a premium dairy brand based in Telangana announced that it has raised its milk price after two years. With the increase in the input cost and raw materials, the new prices for the half litre packs of cow milk is costlier by ₹2, buffalo milk by ₹3 and skimmed milk by ₹3.

The new prices for 500 ml milk packs of Cow Milk now stand at Rs.40, Buffalo Milk is priced at Rs.48 and new price for half litre Skimmed Milk is Rs.30.

Kishore Indukuri, Founder and Managing Director of Sid’s Farm said, “The prices of raw milk in last two years have gone up by 15 percent with fuel prices up by 45 percent. The effects of inflation have pushed up even the prices of fodder and printing ink. All the increases together have added up to a huge rise in overall input cost, which has led us to take this call. Sid’s Farm is committed towards quality and there has been quite a bit of investment in quality control from our end in the recent past. The price increase will help us to continue maintaining the quality of the products just as our customers want it to be.”

Since its inception, the brand has consciously and strictly adhered to norms of testing milk extensively for antibiotics, hormones, preservatives and other adulterants.  They do more than 6,000 tests daily to ensure the best milk reaches the consumer.  This tested milk is then pasteurized, chilled, and delivered directly to customer. It works closely with farmers who source & produce milk using sustainable dairy farming practices under the guidance of Sid’s Farm.

The dairy today does 45 tests on every can of milk every day with zero tolerance for antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives. Sid's Farm has also invested hugely in recent times in ensuring better milk chilling infrastructure at the source.

As Indukuri added, “We have taken the transparency with our customers regarding our quality a step ahead and created a quality monitoring portal for their customers. A first of its kind initiative in this industry, customers have access to daily test results of milk on this portal including the number of litres of milk rejected every day upon even marginally failing any of the test parameters.”

Kishore started Sid’s Farm with a small herd of 20 cattle and began supplying milk directly to customers in Hyderabad.  With the tremendous & positive response from the consumers, the brand has grown many folds and has been posting exemplary growth YoY for the past few years. Currently, the company serves about 18,000+ customers daily on a subscription basis.

Spread over 2.5 acres of land, Sid’s Farm today has a 4,000 sq ft milk processing facility along with a model dairy farm in another 1.5 acres of land. Today the state-of-the-art laboratory conducts more than 6,000 tests daily to look for any adulteration in milk.

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