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Agriculture Dept Distributes 50% Subsidised Paddy Seeds to Empower Farmers

The directorate of agriculture, Nevil Alphonso has distributed Jaya, Jyoti, and Karjat seeds at a subsidy of 50% in Panaji.

Shivam Dwivedi
Agriculture Dept Distributes 50% Subsidised Paddy Seeds to Empower Farmers (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Agriculture Dept Distributes 50% Subsidised Paddy Seeds to Empower Farmers (Photo Source: Pixabay)

The directorate of agriculture is taking aggressive steps in advance of the upcoming Kharif season to ensure a smooth and trouble-free sowing process for paddy crops. According to an English news portal, they have delivered a significant number of Jaya and Jyoti seeds as well as the Karjat variety of paddy this season in Panaji, at a subsidy of 50%.

Nevil Alphonso, the agriculture director, expressed confidence in their preparedness for the monsoons. He stated that they have made arrangements for the availability of paddy seeds at various farmers' societies and zonal agricultural offices for the Kharif season. While Jaya and Jyoti remain the preferred varieties in the state, the promotion of the Karjat variant is also being encouraged.

The agriculture department is not only focused on paddy crops but is also aiming to boost jackfruit cultivation across the state. They are selling seeds of different jackfruit varieties among farmers, particularly those from Kerala known for their assured yield. These grafted varieties are expected to start fruiting within three years of cultivation.

Alphonso emphasized that when recommending crops to farmers, they take into account the economic viability of the crop. They do not promote crops that are not known for their high-yield potential. This ensures that farmers are provided with viable options that can maximize their agricultural output.

In addition to paddy and jackfruit, the agriculture department is also offering subsidized seeds of rain-resistant vegetables such as lady finger and cluster beans at their outlets. Farmers can obtain these seeds at a subsidy of 50%, further encouraging their cultivation.

Moreover, the department is providing various planting materials at reasonable prices, including coconut seedlings, mango grafts, chikoo, and lime saplings. Farmers can take advantage of these offerings to diversify their crops and enhance their agricultural practices. The department also facilitates schemes specifically tailored for the cultivation of mango and coconut, enabling farmers to leverage additional support.

To support land cultivation, the agriculture department is making tractors available at subsidized rental rates of Rs 400 per hour. They have a fleet of 40 tractors that can be hired by farmers. Additionally, they have partnered with farmers' societies that own tractors, allowing them to provide assistance to other farmers. The societies or individual farmers undertaking such work will receive a 50% subsidy reimbursement.

With these comprehensive initiatives and support, the directorate of agriculture aims to empower farmers and contribute to the development of a thriving agricultural sector. By providing quality seeds, promoting diverse crops, and offering affordable resources, they are ensuring a prosperous Kharif season and encouraging sustainable farming practices.

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