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Agriculture Dept Plans to Launch 2nd Phase of 'Njangalum Krishiyilekku' Project

With the 'Njangalum Krishiyilekku' Project it is hoped that farmers will have increased access to resources, expert guidance, and opportunities for collaboration, leading to a more prosperous and sustainable farming landscape.

Shivam Dwivedi
Agriculture Dept Plans to Launch 2nd Phase of 'Njangalum Krishiyilekku' Project
Agriculture Dept Plans to Launch 2nd Phase of 'Njangalum Krishiyilekku' Project

Agriculture Minister P. Prasad has announced the upcoming launch of the second phase of the 'Njangalum Krishiyilekku' project, during an event held at Kayamkulam recently. The event, which included the inauguration of a 'Karshaka Sabha' and the unveiling of the 'Njattuvela' calendar, saw the participation of esteemed individuals from the agricultural sector.

Minister Prasad highlighted the significance of the 'Njangalum Krishiyilekku' campaign, emphasizing its role in ensuring the production of safe-to-eat agricultural products and stabilizing vegetable prices in the Onam market. The campaign aims to strengthen the agricultural ecosystem in the Onattukara region, with the implementation of various measures to support farmers.

As part of the initiative, DPR clinics and B2B meetings will be organized in Onattukara, providing farmers with essential guidance and fostering valuable business connections. By facilitating these interactions, the Agriculture Department aims to enhance knowledge sharing and promote collaboration among farmers, ultimately leading to improved agricultural practices and increased productivity.

During the event, the Minister also took the opportunity to honor veteran farmer Ayyappan Nair for his outstanding contributions to the field. The occasion witnessed the presence of prominent figures, including A.M. Ariff, MP, who inaugurated the Njattuvela market.

The event was presided over by Kayamkulam municipal chairperson P. Sasikala, and it was attended by Muthukulam block panchayat president Ambujakshi, Kayamkulam municipal vice chairman J. Adarsh, Agriculture department additional director George Sebastian, among others. The 'Njangalum Krishiyilekku' project has garnered significant attention and support, with its aim to empower farmers and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

The second phase is expected to build upon the achievements of the previous phase, bringing further benefits to the farming community and ensuring a thriving agricultural sector in the region.

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