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American Farmer and Rancher Visited PAU’s Department of Vegetable Science

The visit served as a testament to the importance of international collaboration in driving agricultural innovation and fostering sustainable practices for the welfare of farming communities worldwide.

Shivam Dwivedi
American Farmer and Rancher Visited PAU’s Department of Vegetable Science
American Farmer and Rancher Visited PAU’s Department of Vegetable Science

To foster international collaboration and exchange of agricultural knowledge, a notable figure in the realm of agriculture, Hope Pjeskya, a distinguished Nuffield International Scholar and former Director of the Global Farmer Network, paid a visit to the Department of Vegetable Science at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). Pjeskya, known for her close association with Julie Borlaug from the United States, explored the latest advancements and initiatives undertaken by the department in vegetable research, extension, and teaching.

Dr. Tarsem Singh Dhillon, the Head of the Department of Vegetable Science, engaged in comprehensive discussions with Pjeskya, shedding light on the department's new initiatives aimed at benefiting the farming community. During the visit, Dr. Dhillon provided insights into the ongoing research projects and showcased a variety of newly developed vegetable strains, including carrots, peas, chili, and others, at the research farm and demonstration area.

Appreciation for Research Endeavors

Impressed by the dedication and groundbreaking research conducted by the department, Pjeskya expressed her admiration for the efforts invested in the development of various vegetable varieties. She particularly commended the innovative colored carrot strains such as Punjab Black Beauty, Punjab Jamuni, and Punjab Roshani, acknowledging their rich nutrient content and antioxidant properties.

Furthermore, she applauded the department's initiative towards establishing nutritional kitchen gardens, a model aimed at ensuring the nutritional security of the masses.

Advocating for Food Security Through Vegetable Production

Accompanied by Dr. Malwinder Singh Malhi, discussions centered around the pivotal role of vegetables in ensuring food and nutritional security, reflecting on the global significance of sustainable vegetable production practices.

Dr. Rajinder Kumar Dhall, Principal Olericulturist at the Department of Vegetable Science, warmly welcomed the esteemed visitor from the United States. He conveyed heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Pjeskya for her valuable insights and contributions to the field of agriculture, culminating in a vote of thanks.

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