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APEDA Facilitates First Consignment of MD 2 Pineapples from India to UAE, Boosting Fresh Fruit Export Sector

APEDA continues to spearhead efforts in promoting India's fresh fruit and vegetable exports, with this first shipment of MD 2 pineapples representing a significant addition to India's export portfolio.

Shivam Dwivedi
APEDA Facilitates First Consignment of MD 2 Pineapples from India to UAE (Image Source: @APEDADOC/X)
APEDA Facilitates First Consignment of MD 2 Pineapples from India to UAE (Image Source: @APEDADOC/X)

The first consignment of pineapples of the MD 2 variety has been successfully exported to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. shipment, weighing 8.7 metric tons and consisting of 650 boxes of MD 2 pineapples, was officially launched by APEDA Chairman Abhishek Dev. This is a significant boost for India's fresh fruit export sector. 

The event, attended by senior officials from APEDA and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research - Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR CCARI), marks a pivotal moment for Indian agricultural exports.

Abhishek Dev highlighted that the successful export marks a significant milestone for India, showcasing the country's ability to supply high-quality pineapples globally. He highlighted the renowned sweetness and quality of the MD 2 variety and expressed enthusiasm about introducing it to consumers in the UAE.

The MD 2 pineapple, also known as ‘Golden Ripe’ or ‘Super Sweet,’ enjoys worldwide recognition and is extensively cultivated in countries such as Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Thailand.

ICAR CCARI played a crucial role by providing essential technical assistance for post-harvest management and developing sea transport protocols for MD 2 pineapples grown in Maharashtra's Sindhudurg district. Partnering with local farmers, a private firm successfully cultivated this variety across 200 acres, ensuring optimal quality and yield.


Following meticulous grading, sorting, and packing in Panvel, Navi Mumbai, the consignment was transported to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) for onward shipment to the UAE.

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