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APEDA Hosts Virtual Meeting with Stakeholders to Increase Rice Exports to Togo

The Agricultural and Processed Food Exports Development Authority (APEDA) organised a virtual meet of non-Basmati rice exporters in association with Indian Embassy, Lome, Togo, as part of its efforts to boost and expand rice exports.

Ayushi Raina
Rice bag filled with rice
Rice bag filled with rice

As part of its efforts to boost and grow rice exporters, the Agricultural and Processed Food Exports Development Authority (APEDA) organised a virtual meet of non-Basmati rice exporters in collaboration with the Indian Embassy in Lome, Togo.

According to an Official press release, key officials from APEDA, the Indian embassy, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo, and key rice exporters from India attended the virtual meet held on Friday.

The meeting's theme was "Opportunities in the non-Basmati rice sector between India and Togo," and it was attended by ten leading rice exporters, the Ambassador of India to Togo, Sanjeev Tandon, APEDA Chairman M Angamuthu, Advisor, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Togo Lambert Dameto Nayante, and others.

This is part of APEDA's efforts, which have been organising a series of virtual meetings with several countries to provide a forum for exporters and importers due to curbs affected by the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic. Because of the pandemic, APEDA is unable to hold physical export promotion programmes.

Last fiscal year, India exported over 13 million tonnes (mt) of non-basmati rice worth Rs.35476 crore. Non-basmati rice worth Rs.14091 crore ($1,901 million) was shipped during the current fiscal year's April-July period.

Togo imports white, broken, and par-boiled rice. It also serves as a gateway to countries such as Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso.

Improved outcomes

India's effort to extend its cereal export footprint by seeking new prospects in countries or markets has achieved dividends. According to the release, the rapid increase in exports of mainly rice (basmati and non-basmati), wheat, and other cereals in 2020-21 is due to synergy and collaboration among many stakeholders – farmers, millers, exporters, and government agencies – in promoting exports.

In collaboration with numerous stakeholders, APEDA has been exploring new opportunities for cereal products by guaranteeing market access, product quality, and phytosanitary controls.

India exported non-basmati rice to nine countries in the previous fiscal year: Timor-Leste, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Eswatini, Myanmar, and Nicaragua. In prior years, exports were produced for the first time or shipments were of a lower amount.

Rice exports to these nine countries totaled 188 tonnes in 2018-19 and 197 tonnes in 2019-20, respectively, up from 1.53 lakh in the previous fiscal year. 

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