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Applications Invited for National Technology Awards 2023 Under 5 Categories

A range of sectors receive these honors for successfully commercializing cutting-edge domestic technology

Ayushi Sikarwar
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The Technology Development Board (TDB) has issued an invitation to Indian businesses to submit applications for the National Technology Awards in five categories - Main, MSME, Startup, Translational Research, and Technology Business Incubator.

These honors are given to a variety of industries for the effective commercialization of cutting-edge domestic technology.

The yearly awards give Indian businesses and their technology suppliers a chance to be recognized for their efforts to innovate and advance the 'Aatma Nirbhar Bharat' vision.

Here are the 5 categories for the 2023 Awards, as mentioned in a statement issued by the board:

1. National Technology Award (Main)

For the successful commercialization of indigenous technology. This award will be given to an industrial concern which has successfully developed & commercialized an indigenous technology on or after April 2017. In case, the technology developer / provider and technology commercialize are two different organizations, each one would be eligible for award of ₹25 Lakh and a trophy.

i. Cash Award of 25 Lakh

ii. Number of awards: One

2. National Technology Awards (MSME)

This award will be given to MSMEs which have successfully commercialized a product based on indigenous technology on or after April 2017.

i. Cash Awards of 15 Lakh

ii. Number of awards: Three (including one reserved for Women led MSME)

3. National Technology Awards (Start-up)

This award will be given to a technology start-up for promising new technology with potential for commercialization.

i. Cash Awards of 15 Lakh

ii. Number of awards: Five (including one reserved for Women-led Start-up)

4. National Technology Awards (Translational Research)

This award is given for outstanding contribution of Scientists in commercializing innovative indigenous technologies.

i. Cash Awards of 5 Lakh

ii. Number of awards: Two (one is to be reserved for Translational Research by Women Scientist)

5. National Technology Awards (Technology Business Incubator)

To recognize and reward outstanding contribution in techno-entrepreneurship development by way of promoting innovative technology driven knowledge intensive start-up enterprises in different technological areas.

i. Cash Awards of 5 Lakh

ii. Number of awards: One

The last date to apply for the awards is January 15, 2023 by 5 pm. One can visit the official website https://awards.gov.in/ to fill the application form.

"The awards will be presented on National Technology Day on 11th May, 2023", the statement further added.

National Technology Day

India successfully conducted a nuclear missile test at the Pokhran range operated by the Indian Army on May 11, 1998. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the late former prime minister of India, declared India a fully nuclear country during this historic event.

Since then, National Technology Day has been marked on May 11 in order to honor the accomplishments of all scientists, researchers, engineers, and other people working in the field of science and technology.

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