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Arya.Ag And Bioseed Collaborate To Cultivate ‘Efficiencies Of Business’ In Agriculture

Arya.ag has joined forces with Bioseed to transform seed research using advanced satellite surveillance and AI technology.

Vivek Singh
Arya.Ag And Bioseed Collaborate To Cultivate ‘Efficiencies Of Business’ In Agriculture (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)
Arya.Ag And Bioseed Collaborate To Cultivate ‘Efficiencies Of Business’ In Agriculture (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)

Arya.ag, the largest and only profitable grain commerce platform in India, has announced a collaboration with Bioseed, a forward-thinking player in the agriculture industry. This partnership marks a significant advancement in farm monitoring and data-driven decision-making, combining Arya.ag's satellite surveillance product, Prakshep, with the AI capabilities of 'VaMa.'

The collaboration between Bioseed and Arya.ag will provide Bioseed's registered farms with valuable insights through advanced datasets and interactive maps. This partnership aims to assess seed performance in different agroclimatic zones, leading to tailored best practices and ensuring high-quality, reliable data. Anand Chandra, Arya.ag's Executive Director, highlights their commitment to using satellite technology for climate resilience and empowering farmers with data-driven insights to enhance their resilience against climate uncertainties.

Arya.ag uses various data sources, including satellite images, weather data, market trends, and ground photos, to monitor crop growth and stress factors in thousands of demo plots. In their partnership with Shriram Bioseed Genetics, Arya.ag will incorporate farm and village analytics to offer users detailed insights into farm performance, including Vegetation Maps, Moisture Maps, Biotic Stress Maps, Abiotic Stress Maps, Nutrient Stress Maps, and targeted surveys for pest control, irrigation, and soil sampling.

Sreekanth Chundi of Shriram Bioseed Genetics praises Arya.ag's AI-powered platform, which, combined with their agricultural expertise, promises a more informed future for Indian farmers, overcoming the limitations of time-consuming and biased physical monitoring.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize the agricultural ecosystem by enabling remote farm scouting, detecting anomalies, and ensuring robust growth tracking through Arya's web and mobile applications.

Arya.ag's commitment to data privacy ensures that Bioseed's sensitive farm data remains secure and confidential. The shared objective of advancing technology and promoting sustainability in the agricultural sector is the driving force behind this partnership.

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