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Bayer Stops "Non-Essential" Health & Agriculture Business in Russia

Germany's Bayer stopped all expenditure in Russia and Belarus on Monday that was not related to essential health and agriculture products.

Shivani Meena
Bayer: A life science company
Bayer: A life science company

Bayer of Germany stopped all spending in Russia and Belarus that was not related to essential health and agricultural products on Monday, citing Russia's "brutal aggression" against Ukraine. 

Bayer stated in a statement that it would cease advertising, promotional efforts, investment initiatives, and new business development, but that it would continue to provide essential products. 

"Withholding important health and agriculture supplies from civilian populations – such as cancers or cardiac treatments, health products for pregnant women and children, and food seeds - would further exacerbate the war's ongoing toll on human life," the company stated. 

Bayer is a life science company that operates on a global scale. It works in four segments: pharmaceuticals, consumer health, crop science, and animal health. 

Crop Science provides chemical and biological crop protection products, enhanced plant characteristics, seeds, digital solutions, pest and weed management products, and agriculture customer support. This segment also covers seed breeding, propagation, and seed processing, including seed dressing. 

The Animal Health division creates and sells products and solutions to veterinarians for disease prevention and treatment in companion and agricultural animals. 

Bayer sells its products through wholesalers, pharmacies, supermarket and pharmacy chains, online as well as other retailers, and hospitals, and also directly to farmers. 

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