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Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. Launches Six New Products

Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. (BCA), a group company of Mitsui & Co., Ltd, Japan launched six new products Topsin, Nissorun, Delfin, Tofosto, Buldozer and Aghaat through a digital launch event named “Udaan” among its distributors. It was attended by nearly 1000 distributors of the company from all over the country.

KJ Contributor
Bharat Certis
Kimihide Kondo, Joint Managing Director, Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd.

Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. (BCA), a group company of Mitsui & Co., Ltd, Japan launched six new products Topsin, Nissorun, Delfin, Tofosto, Buldozer and Aghaat through a digital launch event named “Udaan” among its distributors. It was attended by nearly 1000 distributors of the company from all over the country.

Topsin, a very effective fungicide sourced from Nippon Soda & Co., Ltd, Japan is a global brand and is one of the favourite fungicide brands of Indian farmers since long time. Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd has relaunched the Topsin brand in the Indian market. Another product from Nippon Soda & Co., Ltd, Nissorun, a high quality miticide was also launched in the event. Topsin effectively controls Scab, Anthracnose and Powdery Mildew diseases while Nissorun has novel action against Red, Yellow, Scarlet and European Red Mites.

Delfin is a world class biological insecticide from Certis Biologicals, USA. Delfin is OMRI listed for organic use and used for effective control of Lepidopteran pest. Tofosto is a combination product for effective control of Stem borer in Paddy and Early Shoot Borer in Sugarcane. Buldozer is a novel insecticide which controls Leaf folder and Stem borer of Paddy and many other insects in other crops. Aghaat is a complete solution for control of White fly. 

Dharmesh Gupta, Managing Director, Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. shared that last year in Sept, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Nippon Soda & Co., Ltd. acquired majority stake in Bharat Insecticides Ltd. (BIL). Subsequently, the name of BIL was changed to Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. on 1st April 2021. Certis is Mitsui’s global distribution platform for Agrochemicals. He shared the new Mission and Vision of the company with the audience. He mentioned “our Vision is ‘Bringing Smiles with AgriScience’. Through the science in Agriculture, we wish to bring smile on the face of all our stakeholders like farmers, consumers and distributors. Our Mission is ‘Be an innovative platform to deliver solutions for sustainable farming’. We wish to provide Innovative solutions to farmers to enable them to do Sustainable farming. We have initiated project Udaan through which we wish to achieve turnover of 1000 crore in next 5 years. Today’s program is one step towards project Udaan. These six new products will play a part to enable us to achieve Udaan objectives. Going forward, with the help of Mitsui and its subsidiaries, we will include new and innovative products in our portfolio.”

Kimihide Kondo, Joint Managing Director, Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. shared that “Mitsui has global presence in 64 countries. It has turnover of 5.4 lakh crore globally. Mitsui has been continuously acquiring Distribution and Manufacturing companies in the Crop Protection sector and currently Mitsui’s ranking is at number 9 among the Multi-national Crop Protection companies globally. Kocide LLC, global leader for Copper fungicides is 100% subsidiary of Mitsui and we will soon supply Kocide 3000 in Indian market. We will soon launch eco-friendly, Biological products from Certis USA in India.

We are also planning to launch soil treatment products in future. We will continuously introduce products from Mitsui to BCA and want our Distributors to sell these innovative products”. The audience were excited about the launch of six new products by Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. and the event was a great success. 

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