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“Bharat Jodo” Yatra: Rahul Gandhi Meets Vegetable Vendors At Azadpur Mandi

Rahul Gandhi continues to meet vegetable and fruit vendors at Azadpur Mandi (Delhi) under the "Bharat Jodo" Yatra.

Vivek Singh
Rahul Gandi meets vegetable vendors at Azadpur Mandi Under Bharat Jodo Yatra (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)
Rahul Gandi meets vegetable vendors at Azadpur Mandi Under Bharat Jodo Yatra (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)

Rahul Gandhi, a Congress leader, made an unexpected visit to Delhi's Azadpur Mandi under Bharat Jodo Yatra. During the visit, he engaged with vegetable and fruit vendors, which was captured in a video shared by the Congress. This visit is significant as it coincides with the surge in vegetable prices, particularly with tomatoes making headlines for their exorbitant costs. The price hike is not confined to a specific region; it is widespread across the country, with some major cities experiencing prices as high as Rs 150-200 per kg.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi continues his Bharat Jodo Yatra with visits to common places, aiming to interact with ordinary people such as drivers, farmers, mechanics, and vendors. Recently, he met vegetable and fruit vendors at Delhi's Azadpur Mandi, understanding their problems amid the soaring vegetable prices, particularly for tomatoes.

In a video shared on his official Twitter handle, a vegetable vendor named Rameshwar was seen in tears as he expressed his struggles. He mentioned the expensive prices of tomatoes and how it's challenging for him to afford them. Additionally, the vendor expressed concerns about uncertain selling prices and the risk of losses due to damaged stock. He revealed that inflation has put him in a desperate situation, where he can barely earn Rs 100-200 a day.

Rahul Gandhi emphasized that the country is becoming increasingly divided into two classes, highlighting the hardships faced by ordinary people like Rameshwar due to rising inflation.

In the previous month, the ex-Member of Parliament (MP) undertook a journey from Delhi to Shimla and made a stop in Sonipat, Haryana. According to the media, the former Congress President visited several villages in Baroda and met with local farmers.

During his stay, Gandhi actively participated in sowing activities alongside the farmers in Baroda and Madina. He personally engaged in ploughing the fields using a tractor and helped in planting paddy. Additionally, he had conversations with the farmers and labourers working in the fields.

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