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Bird Flu Alert! Is It Safe to Eat Chicken Meat and Eggs? Know What WHO Says

The death of poultry birds due to bird flu raises concerns about whether it would be safe to consume chicken and eggs at this time.

Chintu Das
Bird Flu

With instances of abnormal poultry deaths being accounted for in certain states such as Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthanand Himachal Pradesh, the government has cautioned about the flare-up of bird flu or Avian influenza, with H5N1 infection found in the dead bird samples.

H5N1 is a kind of influenza infection that causes "exceptionally irresistible, extreme respiratory sickness in winged animals called avian influenza", as indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Secretary confirmed to the particular states that "Avian influenzahas been affirmed by the National Institute of Security Animal Diseases,".

Poultry bird death because of avian influenza raises worries about whether it is safe to eat chicken and eggs considering the current situation. Indeed, a significant drop in poultry prices is being accounted for in certain regions of the country.

WHO’s Comments:

WHO commented that it is "safe" to consume as far as it is"appropriately prepared and cooked". Ordinary temperatures utilized for cooking where the food is cooked at 70 degree Celsius can slaughter the infection as it cannot endure heat.

"WHO as a standard precautionary measure suggests that poultry, poultry items, and wild birds ought to consistently be cooked following acceptable sterile practices and that poultry meat ought to be appropriately cooked," it adds.

With respect to the spread of the contamination in people, cases have generally been connected to home slaughterand resulting treatment of unhealthy or dead birds, preceding cooking. "These practices mean the most noteworthy risk of human infection and are the most critical to evade," WHO prompts.

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