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"Blue Economy is Intrinsically Connected to SDG 14": CAG

On February 27, Comptroller and Auditor General of India Girish Chandra Murmu stated that the blue economy is inextricably linked to SDG 14 titled 'Life Below Water,' which concerns the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.

Shivam Dwivedi
SDG 14 helps to focus attention on the priority area of the blue economy
SDG 14 helps to focus attention on the priority area of the blue economy

"The United Nations has designated the decade 2021-2030 as "Ocean Science for Sustainable Development," Girish Chandra Murmu said.

Goal 14 is about conserving and using oceans, seas, and marine resources in a sustainable manner. Healthy oceans and seas are necessary for human survival and life on Earth.

"SDG 14 helps to focus attention on the priority area of the blue economy," said the CAG of India on Monday during a seminar on the blue economy.

The concept of the blue economy, on the other hand, can be grounded in a more holistic view of other Sustainable Development Goals, such as SDG 13-climate action, SDG 6-clean water, SDG 7- clean and renewable energy, and so on."

"It also highlight areas such as fresh water and riverine life and resources; the issue of marine pollution from oil spillage and fossil fuel dependent shipping and transportation modes; biodiversity and marine agricultural resources, and so on," he added.

"The agenda of the World Economic Forum Davos 2022 recognized the fact that G20 nations primarily have 45 percent of global coastline and jurisdictional responsibility over 21 percent of the World's Exclusive Economic Zone," the CAG said, adding that "eradicating poverty from the world would require realizing the full potential of the Blue Economy in all countries, while ensuring a sustainable flow of resources."

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