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‘Boycott Cadbury’ Hits on Twitter, Here’s Why

Earlier movies, celebrities, apparel labels and now advertising markets are being boycotted due to hurtful sentiments and the practice is rising steadily and gaining ground.

Sonali Behera
Boycott Cadbury trended on Twitter on Sunday.
Boycott Cadbury trended on Twitter on Sunday.

Boycott Cadbury began trending on Twitter on Sunday, as social media users targeted the company's latest Diwali campaign, in addition to the typical bogus accusations of 'beef' being used in Cadbury goods. 

Dr. Prachi Sadhvi, a VHP leader, uploaded the Cadbury advertising and complained about the usage of 'Damodar' as the name of a poor lamp vendor, stating that it was done to portray "someone with PM Narendra Modi's father's name in a negative light." "Chaiwale ke baap diyewala," Sadhvi tweeted, while many others called for a boycott of Cadbury products in India.

People's reactions to Sadhvi's Twitter message were diverse, with some supporting the remark and others opposing it.

This is not the first time Cadbury has come under fire from Indian Twitter users. A similar boycott demand was issued in 2021. Cadbury came under the radar and it was claimed that the gelatine used in their goods is 'halal certified and sourced from beef,' which reportedly offends Hindu sensitivities.

The screenshot, however, is from an earlier edition of the brand's Australian website. The identical claim was made last year, and the website was modified to indicate that it is from its "Australian" branch.

This prompted the business to publish a statement emphasizing that all of its goods in India are 100% vegetarian, as shown by the green dot on the wrapper.

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