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CBSE Class 10 & 12 Board Exams 2019: Errors, Misprinting & Out of Syllabus Questions Reported by Students

Recently concluded class 10 and class 12 CBSE exams were free of leaks, as various tech-bound initiatives to ensure the safety of the exams were launched. Yet there were many anomalies reported in the question papers this year.

Tooba Maher

Recently concluded class 10 and class 12 CBSE exams were free of leaks, as various tech-bound initiatives to ensure the safety of the exams were launched. Yet there were many anomalies reported in the question papers this year. 

Class 12 English Paper: 

The first mistake in the English exam that many students complained about was an ‘out of the syllabus’ question. However, later it was found out that there was an error in giving internal choice. As per the syllabus by the board, students are expected to study one out of two novels- ‘Invisible Man’ or ‘Silas Marner’. Even many schools teach only one of the two as there is a pre-decided internal choice in the exam. However, in the CBSE class 12 English Exam 2019, questions from both the novels were asked each for six marks. But not all sets had the error. 

Class 12 Accountancy Exam 

It is to be noted that different ‘printing errors’ were reported by students in class 12 accountancy exam held on March 6 (Wednesday). In the set number three, question number 13 erroneously stated revaluation account as realisation account. There were also missing entry in Hindi translations in some of the questions and the same were there in English questions. Students claim a waste of time and confusion over many questions. 

Class 12 Mathematics 

A six marks question in class 12 mathematics exam asked students to find two questions in Hindi and English translation, which lead to confusion. The question number 26 in set 2 asked students to find the area ‘above’ the x-axis in English whereas, in the same set the Hindi translation asked students to find the area ‘around’ X-axis. 

In other sets, students were asked to find the area around x-axis in both Hindi and English. The question is from integration topic of class 12 syllabus. There are many procedures to find the area about and around an axis. 

Class 10 Hindi 

In class 10 Hindi exam held on March 19 (Tuesday) in a one-mark question, the question paper stated the name of the poem, ‘Atmatraan’ as ‘Aamantran’. It was considered as a printing mistake and students reportedly were told in their centres to correct the same. 

Class 10 Kannada 

In this exam, many students demanded 15-20 marks grace marks for questions that were allegedly out of syllabus in the Kannada exam. As per claims, 20 marks questions were out of syllabus in the exam. 

Class 12 Physics 

There were no errors reported in Class 12 Physics exam, various students expressed dissatisfaction. Students and teachers have rated Physics as the toughest paper, which was held on March 5, and are raising requests for lenient marking. Students had started an online petition seeking reconduct of the exam.  

It is to be noted that the board had provided schools and students with an opportunity to register a grievance for any anomaly registered by them in the exam but the window to send the grievances was 24 hours within the conduct of the exam.  

Re-evaluation Procedure 

If a candidate is not happy with their class 12 or class 10 results, then they have the provision to apply for re-evaluation of their answer sheets. For verification of their marks, students can make a payment of Rs 500 per subject. The link for it will be activated day after the declaration of the result on the official website, cbse.nic.in. 

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