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Centre Proposes Laws to Regulate Distribution, Price & Quality of Fertilizers

The Centre has proposed a law that empowers it to fix the maximum selling price of fertilizers and control its quality as well as distribution.

Ayushi Raina
Centre has proposed law that would allow it to fix the maximum selling price of fertilizers
Centre has proposed law that would allow it to fix the maximum selling price of fertilizers

Estimating the maximum selling price 

The Centre has proposed law that would allow it to fix the maximum selling price of fertilizers and supervise its quality and distribution. 

The Department of Fertilizers has sought all stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Bill, 2022, by February 26. 

Distribution Management 

It also intends to establish 'Indian Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Authority.' 

"It is now proclaimed that it is necessary in the public interest for the Union to take under its control the distribution, pricing and quality of standards of fertilizers," said the draft report, which was uploaded on the department's website. 

Sustainable Use 

The proposed law aims to promote the development and long-term usage of balanced fertilizers such as bio-fertilizers, bio-stimulates, nano-fertilizers and organic fertilizers. 

It seeks to simplify the process for the manufacture, production, distribution and price management of fertilizers in India, which will, in turn, improve the ease of doing business. 

Regulating Distribution

"The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, fix the maximum prices or rates at which any fertilizer may be sold by a dealer, manufacturer, importer or fertilizer marketing entity in order to regulate the equitable distribution of fertilizers and make fertilizers available at fair prices," the draft stated. 

Empowering Centre 

It also aims to empower the Centre to fix different prices or rates for fertilizers having different periods of storage or for different areas or for different classes of consumers. 

"No dealer, manufacturer, importer, or fertilizer marketing company shall sell or offer for sale any fertilizer at a price that exceeds the maximum price," according to the draft. 

It further said that no person can manufacture, sell, import for sale or market without obtaining the appropriate registration. 

According to the document, the Central government can also prescribe the manner in which fertilizers are to be moved from one state to another. 

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