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Chandrayaan-3 Live Updates: Chandrayaan-3 Lands Successfully

Chandrayaan-3 Live Updates: The Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Chandrayaan-3, the third lunar mission, was launched on July 14 and landed on moon surface today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi connects with ISRO team virtually from South Africa.

Aysha Anam
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ISRO)
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ISRO)

Chandrayaan-3 Live Updates: The Lander Module's (LM) of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Chandrayaan-3, the third lunar mission, successfully landed on moon today. "India becomes the first country to go to the south pole of the moon, while it is the fourth country to successfully performing soft landing on moon," said ISRO scientist. Mission Director Srikant thanked his team.

Vikram, the Chandrayaan -3 lander touched the moon's surface after 6 pm. The altitude phase was crossed by the lander and it entered the next phase. The sensors were performing nominally well. Altitude was reduced by 800 metres three minutes before landing. Horizontal and verticle velocities were reduced to zero smoothly. The work on Chandrayaan-2 is also in progress, said the scientist. 

What Will Chandrayaan 3 do?

This will provide pivotal information about the moon. This will include the temperature, substances, and research that need to be covered. 

The six payloads on the Vikram lander and rover Pragyan of Chandrayaan-3 remain the same as the previous mission.

The four scientific payloads on the Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-3 will study lunar quakes, thermal properties of the lunar surface, changes in the plasma near the surface, and a passive experiment to help accurately measure the distance between Earth and the Moon. The fourth payload is from NASA.

There are two payloads on the rover Pragyan, that are designed to study the chemical and mineral composition of the lunar surface and to determine the composition of elements such as magnesium, aluminum, and iron in the lunar soil and rocks.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has joined the ISRO team virtually from South Africa. "When we see such a history before our eyes, then our lives get an accomplishment. It is a moment of new India," he said. "This is the moment of 140 crore heartbeats. It will bring new energy, new trust in the country," he adds. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates the scientist and researches of India.

Chandrayaan-3 Soft Lander

It is the soft landing. The absence of an atmosphere creates difficulties in slowing down. Systems need to be capable of detecting changes in local gravity and avoiding instances of "communication shadows."

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