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Cherrapunji's Abundant Rainfall Converted into Exquisite Gin: A Remarkable Journey

How Shillong’s Mayukh Hazarika has turned Cherrapunji’s abundant rainfall into a premium gin.

Shivangi Rai
The gin boasts a blend of 12 regional botanicals sourced from Northeast India. (Photo: Twitter/@CherrapunjiGin)
The gin boasts a blend of 12 regional botanicals sourced from Northeast India. (Photo: Twitter/@CherrapunjiGin)

Cherrapunji and Mawsynram, the two rainiest places on Earth in the lush landscapes of Meghalaya, receive a staggering 11,800 millimeters of rainfall annually.

Mayukh Hazarika, a Shillong native, seized upon this abundant resource and conceived an innovative idea to transform the copious rain into a unique gin using regional botanicals.

Mayukh, splitting his time between Amsterdam, Gurgaon, and Shillong, noticed the influx of visitors drawn to Cherrapunji and Mawsynram for their extraordinary weather. This observation sparked the idea of creating a tangible product that encapsulates the essence of these places. Inspired by the concept of consuming a piece of a region through its products, Mayukh aimed to do the same for Meghalaya.

The realization that 57% of alcohol is distilled water opened the door to Raincheck Earth Co.

The company's maiden product, the Cherrapunji Eastern Craft Gin, was launched in Delhi in September. Rainwater harvesting facilities were set up in Mawsynram and Umiam using imported equipment from Australia, emphasizing the company's commitment to sustainability.

Fusion of Regional Botanicals

The gin boasts a blend of 12 regional botanicals sourced from Northeast India, including Khasi mandarin, sohmarit (wild peppers), kaji nemu (lemon) peel, and juniper from Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Perfected in collaboration with a Dutch master distiller, the gin's flavour profile is citrus-forward and creamily smooth.

Sustainable Production and Unique Bottle Design

Raincheck Earth Co. prioritizes sustainability throughout its production process. The company opted for rainwater instead of groundwater, reducing its carbon footprint by 70%. The bottle, crafted from military-grade steel, replaces traditional glass bottles, providing a lightweight and reusable alternative. Adorned with illustrations capturing the vibrant life of Meghalaya, the bottle becomes a canvas depicting the region's story.

Mayukh visualize Cherrapunji gin not just as a beverage but as a curated experience, bringing the flavors of the Northeast to every glass. Whether or not one can travel to the Northeast, grabbing a bottle offers the opportunity to savour a piece of Meghalaya right in their city. The gin encapsulates the spirit of the region, making it more than just a drink – it's a connection to the unique and captivating world of Cherrapunji and Mawsynram.

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