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Kharif Onion Supply to Boost with Enhanced Incentives, Consumer Affairs Ministry Urges

The request made by the consumer affairs ministry aims to provide a much-needed boost to kharif onion production during the festival period in the winter season.

Shivam Dwivedi
Consumer Affairs Ministry Urges to Boost Kharif Onion Supply with Enhanced Incentives (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Consumer Affairs Ministry Urges to Boost Kharif Onion Supply with Enhanced Incentives (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Onion prices are not going to surge during the winter season, "the consumer affairs ministry has requested the agriculture ministry to provide additional incentives and support for Kharif onion production," according to a top government official.

Typically, onion prices skyrocket during the winter months when stored rabi onions are depleted, and fresh kharif onions cannot be stored. Currently, farmers are engaged in the sowing of kharif onion crops.

Consumer Affairs Secretary, Rohit Kumar Singh, stated during a media briefing that he highlighted the crucial role of kharif onions during the winter festival period and stressed the necessity of sufficient availability. He mentioned that in order to guarantee availability during that time, the agriculture ministry was requested to provide greater incentives and encouragement for kharif onions. Kumar further noted that this point was emphasized in the meeting of the cabinet secretary the previous day.

The estimated onion production for the ongoing 2023 calendar year is 319 lakh tonnes, slightly lower than the 324 lakh tonnes produced the previous year, according to Singh. Onion cultivation takes place in two seasons: rabi and kharif/late kharif.

The rabi crop, accounting for 219 lakh tonnes, has already been harvested, while the remaining 100 lakh tonnes will be produced during the kharif and late kharif seasons, meeting the demand for onions in the winter season.

Singh further explained that out of the total estimated production of 319 lakh tonnes, a significant supply of 219 lakh tonnes from the rabi season was already available. He mentioned that the government had procured 3 lakh tonnes from this supply for the buffer stock. He also mentioned that the remaining 100 lakh tonnes would arrive between August and November.

The consumer affairs ministry holds the belief that price spikes can be avoided by ensuring a year-round availability of onions, acknowledging the occasional deficits caused by the seasonal nature of these crops. Singh further stated that spreading the production and storage could help prevent the surge in prices.

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