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“CSK HPKV Purchases 3 Drones for Demonstration & Use in Farming," says Prof HK Chaudhary, VC

According to Vice-Chancellor Prof HK Chaudhary, CSKHP Agriculture University in Palampur has purchased three drones for demonstration and farming use.

Shivam Dwivedi
Drone technology is rapidly evolving for agricultural applications
Drone technology is rapidly evolving for agricultural applications

The university took the lead in drone purchases after receiving funds from the Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in Ludhiana, according to the VC.

Three agricultural spray drones have been purchased as part of the project for demonstrations to farmers in Palampur, eight Krishi Vigyan Kendras, and 13 research stations across the state.

"Drone technology is rapidly evolving for agricultural applications. "Over the next five years, the farm sector is likely to be the world's second-largest user of drones," he predicted.

According to the VC, the use of drone technology in agriculture could save time and increase efficiency in soil and field analysis, crop monitoring and surveillance, pest control spraying, and nutrient application.

"The university will use the newly purchased drones to demonstrate their spraying capabilities and the mapping of crop area. "It will expose farmers to drone technology," he said.

Initially, three university scientists obtained a certified remote plane aircraft licence from the Director-General of Civil Aviation in order to operate drones. They will demonstrate drone policies and flying rules to farmers and train other university scientists.

The VC stated that the university would investigate the economic viability of this technology in the hills and make recommendations on the use of drones in agriculture. This endeavour, he added, would open new doors in the fields of artificial intelligence and precision farming.

CSK Agri University provides undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. Bsc(hons) agriculture, Btech in food technology, Bsc in physical and life sciences, Bsc(hons) community science and Bvsc in veterinary and animal sciences are available as undergraduate courses. Msc in agriculture, Phd in agriculture, Mvsc in veterinary and animal sciences, and Msc in food science and nutrition are also offered as PG courses.

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