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Dhaliwal Proposes Kisan Mitra Program to Boost Basmati and Cotton Cultivation in Punjab

After their appointment, Punjab Agricultural Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal conducted a key first meeting with Kisan Mitra through video conferencing on March 3.

Shivam Dwivedi
Kisan Mitra received sufficient training in order to persuade farmers to cultivate alternate crops
Kisan Mitra received sufficient training in order to persuade farmers to cultivate alternate crops

Dhaliwal stated that the Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, is working hard to create the state 'Rangla Punjab,' and that agricultural prosperity is critical to achieving this aim.

He stated that increasing the area under different crops is critical at the moment in order to make agriculture profitable. Dhaliwal asked Kisan Mitra to encourage farmers to produce varied crops such as cotton and Basmati rice rather than paddy.

He stated that Kisan Mitra should play a crucial role in encouraging farmers in the greatest possible region. He stated that Kisan Mitra's key responsibility is to guide more farmers towards crop diversification in order to break the cycle of wheat and rice.

The Minister of Agriculture also raised concern about the increasing depth of subsurface water on this occasion. Dhaliwal stated that Kisan Mitra should continue to educate farmers by regularly delivering information in accordance with the government's policy to plant alternative crops such as rice and basmati instead of paddy.

He informed the farmer friends that Agricultural Department officials/employees would continue to assist them in conducting regular training programmes and camps on a regular basis.

Previous to this, Kisan Mitra received sufficient training in order to persuade farmers to cultivate alternate crops. He stated that higher officials will meet with Kisan Mitra every Monday, and that block level and district development agricultural officers will also be present.

The Agriculture Minister stated that Kisan Mitra should educate farmers on the right use of agricultural inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers. Besides from that, farmers should be warned not to plant Moong in cotton belts due to the threat of whitefly insects.

In addition, an app has been built to read Kisan Mitra's progress report, in which they will offer the progress of the tasks done everyday by filling up the data. Every week, their work will be evaluated. Meanwhile, the Punjab government will provide Kisan Mitra an honorarium of Rs. 5000.

Dhaliwal also stated that he would personally visit with the Kisan Mitra and encourage farmers who are doing outstanding work. He stated that it is everyone's responsibility to make a significant contribution to the prosperity of Punjab.

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