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WB Governor Dr CV Ananda Bose's Works to Ease Agriculture in India

The Honourable Governor of West Bengal, Dr CV Ananda Bose, visited Krishi Jagran’s office on Monday, May 22.

Shivangi Rai
Dr CV Ananda Bose, Governor of West Bengal Visits Krishi Jagran Office in Delhi.
Dr CV Ananda Bose, Governor of West Bengal Visits Krishi Jagran Office in Delhi.

His Excellency Dr CV Ananda Bose - the Governor of West Bengal - has a plethora of notable achievements which have left many speechless.

In the realm of healthcare, His Excellency Dr CV Ananda Bose has spearheaded the establishment of Dhanwantari Kendras, which provide hospital ancillary services at affordable rates. Through these centers, medicines are made available at fair prices, clinical tests are offered at reduced rates, and ambulance services, along with the assistance of trained bystanders readily accessible. Additionally, these facilities provide power laundry services, packed food, and other incidental services, ensuring comprehensive support to patients.

Recognizing the importance of Ayurveda and eco-friendly living, the Honourable Governor of West Bengal, Dr Bose has institutionalized Sanjeevani Kendras.

Empowering women and promoting affordable and hygienic food options, the Annapurna Society has been institutionalized under Dr Bose's leadership. This society is driven by women's self-help groups that provide nutritious meals at affordable rates, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

To ensure gender mainstreaming and focus on housing, environmental conservation, and rural development, he established the Housing, Environment, and Rural Development (HER) Society. This organization plays a pivotal role in empowering marginalized communities and promoting sustainable development practices.

The Gramotsava initiative, pioneered by His Excellency Dr CV Ananda Bose, has assisted in accelerated rural development through collaborative efforts of government agencies, non-government organizations, and the local population. This successful model has been replicated in two hundred panchayats by the Government of Kerala, leading to significant progress in rural areas.

Another notable achievement is the File to Filled approach, which brings administration to the doorsteps of the people, fostering mass contact and rural development. Recognized with multiple awards, this innovative method has inspired the Mass Conduct Program, adopted and implemented by the Chief Minister of Kerala, and won the prestigious UN Award for Public Service Delivery in 2013.

His commitment to eco-friendly living is exemplified through the Eco Village initiative. This village-based innovation promotes organic farming, the use of solar energy, and environment-friendly housing, fostering sustainable practices for a greener future.

Addressing the concerns of workers and laborers, the all-rounder established ‘PARIHARAVEDI’, a platform that facilitates direct interaction with government officials and provides immediate solutions to their problems.

His groundbreaking intervention, "Farm Gate to Home Gate," has effectively curbed the rising prices of vegetables and agricultural yield in Delhi. By bypassing middlemen and establishing direct purchase systems from farmers, this initiative has been widely praised as an effective intervention against price inflation.

Also, his commitment to preserving traditional knowledge is reflected in his initiative to study and codify traditional practices in agriculture, housing, medicine, and culinary arts.

Briefly, His Excellency Dr CV Ananda Bose's illustrious career encompasses various fields, making it difficult to pinpoint a single feather that best suits his hat. From being a civil servant and housing expert to an innovator, writer, and orator, his accomplishments are truly remarkable. With numerous recognitions, including 15 gold medals for public speaking and a vast collection of books in multiple languages, he has left a lasting impact as a motivational speaker, inspiring and transforming the lives of countless students. We have only scratched the surface of his remarkable journey, and it is a great honour to have him share his knowledge and wisdom with us today.

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