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Dr. Jitendra Singh Chairs Review Meeting of CSIR-IIIM's Cannabis Research Project in Jammu

Cannabis Research Project spearheaded by CSIR-IIIM holds immense potential for transforming medical treatments and elevating India's position in the field of scientific innovation.

Shivam Dwivedi
Dr. Jitendra Singh Chairs Review Meeting of CSIR-IIIM's Cannabis Research Project in Jammu (Photo Source; Pixabay)
Dr. Jitendra Singh Chairs Review Meeting of CSIR-IIIM's Cannabis Research Project in Jammu (Photo Source; Pixabay)

Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Science & Technology, Dr. Jitendra Singh, emphasized the significance of the 'Cannabis Research Project' conducted by CSIR-IIIM Jammu during a review meeting with top officials from CSIR-IIIM and the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory Science and Technology Department.

This pioneering project has the potential to produce high-quality medicine for neuropathies, cancer, and epilepsy, opening up new avenues for medical advancements in India.

Dr. Jitendra Singh commended the historic scientific agreement signed between CSIR-IIIM and IndusScan, stating that it not only benefits Jammu and Kashmir but the entire nation. The collaboration holds promise for the production of medicines that were previously imported from foreign countries. The Minister emphasized that such projects can stimulate significant investments in the region, bolstering the economy of Jammu and Kashmir.

Expressing his appreciation for CSIR-IIIM, Dr. Jitendra Singh highlighted the institute's esteemed legacy, tracing back to the discovery of mint in the 1960s, its role as the center of the purple revolution, and now its pioneering work in the Cannabis Research Project. This new endeavor further enhances the institute's prestige and solidifies its position as a leader in scientific research in India.

Dr. Jitendra Singh underscored the importance of collaboration between institutions such as CSIR-IIIM, IIM, IIT, and AIIMS for the successful execution of this project. He emphasized the need for synergy among these institutions, which are conveniently located within a few kilometers in Jammu, the emerging hub of education in India. The involvement of IIM in marketing strategies, AIIMS in clinical trials, and IIT in providing technical support can optimize the outcome of the project.

To address any challenges and issues that may arise during the project's implementation, Dr. Jitendra Singh directed CSIR-IIIM, Jammu and Kashmir DST, and other stakeholders to organize a workshop. This proactive approach will ensure that obstacles are promptly addressed, preventing any potential delays and facilitating the progress of the research.

The review meeting witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals including Director CSIR-IIIM, Dr. Zabeer Ahmed; Commissioner DST Jammu and Kashmir, Sourabh Bhagat; DG Codes Jammu and Kashmir, Shadi Lal Pandita; Excise Commissioner Jammu and Kashmir, Pankaj Kumar Sharma; Dr. Shakti Gupta; Director AIIMS Jammu, Dr. Shashi Sudan Sharma; Principal GMC Jammu, Dr. Suarabh Saran; Principal Scientist CSIR-IIIM, Dr. P. P. Singh; Principal Scientist CSIR-IIIM, Er. Ab Raheem; Chief Scientist CSIR-IIIM, along with other officers from CSIR-IIIM and DST Jammu and Kashmir.

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