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Dr. Lakshmi Kant, Director of ICAR-VPKAS Selected for Dr B. R. Barwale Award 2023

Dr. Lakshmikant of ICAR-VPKAS selected for the prestigious Dr. B.R. Barwale Award 2023 for his outstanding contributions to plant genetic resources and wheat breeding.

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Dr. Lakshmi Kant, Director of ICAR-VPKAS
Dr. Lakshmi Kant, Director of ICAR-VPKAS

Dr. Lakshmi Kant, Director of the Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan in Almora has been selected for the prestigious Dr. B.R. Barwale Award 2023. Dr. Lakshmi Kant's selection for this esteemed award underscores his significant achievements and leadership in agricultural research. The decision was made by the Society's Executive Council following a recommendation from a distinguished committee tasked with evaluating outstanding contributions in the area of plant genetic resources.

Throughout his career, Dr. Lakshmi Kant has demonstrated a profound commitment to advancing agricultural science. His pioneering work includes the evaluation of over 3500 genetic resources of wheat. By incorporating desired traits from these resources into spring wheat varieties, Dr. Lakshmi Kant has played a pivotal role in developing 15 high-yielding and rust-resistant wheat varieties tailored for the unique production conditions of India's northern mountainous regions.

Moreover, Dr. Lakshmi Kant's efforts have facilitated the integration of beneficial traits from collected genetic resources of winter wheat into spring wheat, thereby enriching breeding materials accessible to research institutions nationwide.

The announcement of Dr. Lakshmi Kant's achievement has been met with widespread jubilation among colleagues and staff at ICAR-VPKAS. The institute's scientists and personnel extend heartfelt congratulations to Dr Lakshmi Kant for this well-deserved honor.

The Dr. B.R. Barwale Award is a testament to Dr. Lakshmi Kant's dedication, expertise, and significant impact on agricultural innovation.

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