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e-Shram Card Status: How To Check Whether Money Has Come In Your Account Or Not?

In this article, we have mentioned about how to check whether you have received the e-Shram card money in your account or not? Read full article to know, how many labors have registered so far and what are all the benefits & eligibility criteria to get registered on e-Shram portal?

M Kanika
Beneficiaries of e-Shram Card 2022
Workers/Beneficiaries of e-Shram Card 2022

e-Shram Card Status 2022: The Centre Government launched the e-Shram portal for crores of workers (including agricultural laborers) in the country. The government introduced this portal keeping in mind the interest of the workers of the unorganized sector. According to the Ministry of Labor, more than 24 crore workers have registered themselves on the e-shram portal so far.  

What is e-Shram Portal? 

It must be noted that the e-shram portal is a labor database. The government will be able to provide social security systems to their homes as a result of this. Workers will be given a Universal Account Number and will be able to use it to get benefits.

Benefits of e-Shram Card:

  • Unorganized workers will get accidental insurance coverage through the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) for a year.

  • Rs 2 lakh will be provided in case of accidental death & permanent disability.

  • Rs 1 lakh will be provided in case of partial disability.

  • Unorganized Workers can avail of the assistance of the Central & State government during calamities or pandemics.

Easy Ways to Check e-Shram Card Instalment 

During pandemic, the government's e-shram card scheme is proving to be quite advantageous to workers. Farm workers receive aid in the form of financial assistance under this program. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has deposited Rs 1000 in the accounts of workers in anticipation of the third wave in the country. This sum was paid in two instalments for the months of December and January. 

Many such workers have registered on the e-shram portal by the deadline, but the instalment amount has yet to deposited in their account. So, there's no need to be worried. As below we have mentioned about, how to check whether the money from your e-shram card has arrived in your account. 

How To Check e-Shram Card Money? 

  • You must first verify the instalment status at the bank, or you can directly call using bank's toll-free number from your home and get detailed account information.

  • Examine the message sent to the phone number associated with your bank account. A message is sent to the phone whenever the government sends This will reveal whether or not the funds have been credited.

  • If your mobile number is already registered with the bank, double-check it; if it isn't, register it so that you can get account-related information by text message.

  • If your number is not linked to your bank account, go to the branch of your bank or post office where the account is active. You'll be able to see whether the funds have been transferred or not.

  • You can also find out by looking through your passbook. Whether or not the money for the e-shram has arrived will be indicated in the entry.

  • If you have a mobile wallet installed, such as Google Pay or Paytm, you can check your bank account from there.

Who can Register for e-shram?  

The government wants to make its social security programs more accessible to the general public. The e-shram platform, which contains a nationwide database of 38 crore workers in the unorganised sector, has been launched to help with this. 

Workers, migrant laborer's, street vendors, domestic workers, construction workers, gig and platform workers, agricultural laborer's, and other unorganized sector workers can all register in this database. 

How Many Workers Have Registered for e-Shram portal? 

According to government figures, more than 24 crore workers have registered so far, with the government aiming to register at least 38 crores by the end of the year.

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