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Electric Tractor Launched By CSIR-CMERI, CSIR PRIMA ET11 Electric Tractor Best Use For Marginal & Small Farmers

CSIR-CMERI has created an indigenous 100% Pure Electric Tractor called CSIR PRIMA ET11, primarily intended to meet the needs of small-scale and marginalized farmers in India.

Vivek Singh
CSIR-CMERI launches Electric Tractor (Photo Courtesy: pib.gov.in)
CSIR-CMERI launches Electric Tractor (Photo Courtesy: pib.gov.in)

To align with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints, India pledged at COP26 in 2021 to cut carbon emissions by one billion tonnes by 2030, aiming for Net Zero emissions by 2070. Electric tractors are seen as crucial to achieving these goals, but a challenge lies in their suitability for small-scale farming. Most commercial electric tractors are designed for larger operations, while more than 80% of Indian farmers are small and marginal, typically owning 2 hectares or less of farmland. This presents a challenge in making electric tractors accessible to this majority. In response to this challenge, CSIR-CMERI has created an indigenous 100% Pure Electric Tractor called CSIR PRIMA ET11, primarily intended to meet the needs of small-scale and marginalized farmers in India.

Key Features Of The CSIR PRIMA ET11 Include:

1. The tractor has been entirely designed and produced using locally sourced components and technologies.

2. Considering its primary role in agricultural applications, the tractor's design has been meticulously crafted to optimize dynamics, weight distribution, transmission engagement, lever and pedal positioning, and other aspects crucial for efficient operation.

3. Notably, this technology is user-friendly, especially for women. Special attention has been given to ergonomics, ensuring that levers, switches, and controls are easily accessible to women. Many mechanical systems have been replaced with electronic switches to minimize effort during operation.

4. Farmers can recharge the tractor using a standard home charging socket in 7 to 8 hours, allowing for over 4 hours of field operation. Alternatively, the tractor can run for more than 6 hours during regular hauling tasks. This accommodates the common practice among Indian farmers, who often take a break at noon, during which time they can recharge the tractor for afternoon use.

5. Regarding the transmission system, the tractor boasts a robust and efficient design, employing a semi-synchronized gearing system. This design maximizes efficiency while minimizing costs, aligning with the desired objectives.

6. The tractor is furnished with a top-notch hydraulic system capable of lifting 500 kg or more. This means it can hoist not only the necessary equipment for fieldwork but also for hauling operations. Additionally, the tractor can tow a trolley with a capacity of 1.8 tons at a maximum speed of 25 kmph. Its robust design, coupled with essential covers and guards, shields it from mud and water.

7. In terms of its electrical components, the chosen battery is an advanced Lithium-ion battery featuring Prismatic cells. It has deep discharge capabilities suitable for farming applications and a lifespan exceeding 3,000 cycles. The controller and instrument cluster have been customized to meet agricultural requirements.

8. Another distinctive feature is the inclusion of a port known as V2L, or vehicle to load. This means that when the tractor is not in operation, its battery power can be utilized for other secondary applications such as running pumps and irrigation equipment.

9. This groundbreaking electric tractor was inaugurated by Union Minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Jitendra Singh, during our One Week One Lab curtain raiser event held in New Delhi. It was attended by Secretary, DSIR, Dr. N Kalaiselvi, and several other dignitaries.

10. Furthermore, this significant technology has been licensed to K N Bioscience, a renowned Hyderabad-based company known for its Kushal Tractor brand and various bioscience-related developments and products. We have high hopes for its widespread success.

It is anticipated that this tractor, the CSIR PRIMA ET11, will usher in a new era of sustainable agriculture while addressing the needs of India's small and marginal farmers. This development has the potential to position India as a leader in the global tractor industry, guided by a visionary approach of "Make for the World."

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