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Empowering Women's Health: Revolutionising Healthcare Access in Thennampattinam Village

Srinivasan Services Trust's assistance, through the development of the Thennampattinam Medical Centre, has had a major positive impact on the village's healthcare access and results, benefiting around 11,000 people each year.

Shivam Dwivedi
Empowering Women's Health: Revolutionising Healthcare Access in Thennampattinam Village
Empowering Women's Health: Revolutionising Healthcare Access in Thennampattinam Village

Thennampattinam village, located in the Sirkazhi block of Mayiladuthurai district, grappled with issues concerning inadequate transportation facilities and the absence of basic medical services. The primarily agrarian community faced hardships in accessing essential resources, while the lack of medical facilities posed challenges.


The village residents, engaged in agriculture and agro-based businesses, struggled to access necessary resources due to transportation limitations. Moreover, the absence of nearby medical services resulted in limited healthcare access and inadequate support during emergencies, affecting the well-being of the local community.

Intervention by Srinivasan Services Trust:

In 2006, Srinivasan Services Trust (SST) addressed the healthcare challenges in Thennampattinam by establishing a medical center. The initiative aimed to prioritise the well-being of the community, particularly considering the distance of the nearest government primary health center located 7 km away in Thiruvengadu. The medical center not only provides essential healthcare advice and medications free of charge but also offers a safe space for women focusing on accessibility.


Specialised Care for Women:

The medical center provides a safe space for women to discuss private concerns with a female doctor, addressing their unique healthcare needs and promoting gender-sensitive care. Expectant mothers receive systematic education about pregnancy health, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and addressing issues such as iron deficiency, high blood pressure, and abnormal blood sugar levels.

Regular Health Check-ups:

To enhance convenience, the medical center conducts regular health check-ups for the general public. Every Tuesday, the center offers blood sugar level tests and diagnoses patients presenting symptoms of high blood pressure and heart disease using ECG. This proactive approach enables timely advice and appropriate treatment for these individuals.


The medical center charges a nominal fee of Rs. 10/- for medical consultations, making it affordable for the local community. This approach promotes accessibility and ensures that financial constraints do not hinder healthcare access.

Improved Healthcare Access:

The medical center serves as a vital healthcare resource for the community. Residents can access essential healthcare advice, medications, and consultations free of charge, promoting equitable healthcare access regardless of financial constraints. The establishment of the medical center has transformed the village's healthcare landscape.

SST's intervention through the establishment of the Thennampattinam Medical Center has had a significant positive impact on the village's healthcare access and outcomes benefitting around 11,000 people every year. By providing essential healthcare services, specialised care for women, and regular health check-ups, the medical center has transformed the lives of the community members. Apart from that, medical camps will also be held in villages of sirkazhi block. This intervention showcases SST's commitment to improving healthcare access in rural India.

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