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English Language Day 2023: Fun Facts & Inspiring Quotes To Share On This Day

English Language Day is observed on 23rd April every year. It is celebrated with an aim to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity. So, let's wish our loved ones with facts and quotes.

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Source: Twitter; English Language Day 2023 with its History, Facts, and Quotes
Source: Twitter; English Language Day 2023 with its History, Facts, and Quotes

In 2010, the Department of Public Information announced to celebrate 23rd April as English Language Day along with the UN’s six official languages – Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, and English. 23rd April to celebrate English Language Day was chosen in honour of English Playwright, actor, and poet, William Shakespeare as the day is observed as the birth and death anniversary. 

Importance of English Language Day

The key goal of celebrating the United Nation’s language days is to celebrate cultural diversity and multilingualism and to promote the equality of six official languages throughout the organization. 

Additionally, this day is celebrated with a motive to increase respect and awareness of the culture, history, and achievements of every UN language.

A Brief to UN Working Language Days

Generally, United Nations has six official languages (Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, and English) which are promoted by celebrating these days dedicated to this language. Department of Global Communications has taken the initiative to develop language days for each of the UN’s official languages. The days are as followed – 

  • UN French Language Day – 20 March

  • UN Chinese Language Day – 20 April 

  • Spanish Language Day – 23 April

  • English Language Day - 23 April

  • UN Russian Language Day – 6 June

  • UN Arabic Language Day – 18 December

Fun Facts You Should Know About the English Language

  • A sentence that has all 26 letters of the alphabet is known as a “Pangram”.

  • The first English Dictionary was formed in the year 1755.

  • We can pronounce the combination of “ough” in ten different styles. 

  • Numbers up to 1000 can be spelled without using the letter “A”.

  • The shortest complete English sentence is “I am”.

  • Most English words start with the letter “S”.

  • Swims will be Swims even if we turn it upside down.

Quotes on the Occasion of English Language Day 2023

Some interesting and inspiring quotes are listed below to send warm wishes on English Language Day 2023.

  • English Language Day is celebrated on 23rd April to mark the birthday and death day of the famous writer William Shakespeare.

  • English Language Day focuses on raising awareness about the history and culture of how we started speaking English and how it became an internationally accepted language.

  • This day is also celebrated in schools to give the children basic knowledge about their first language.

  • This day is recognized by the UN to promote multilingualism and make people know the importance of this language.

  • There is so much power in English that it is more than just a language.

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