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EPF Passbook: Check PF Balance Anywhere, No Internet Required - Here's How!

With EPF Passbook, employees can seamlessly carry forward their existing EPF account when switching jobs as the Universal Account Number (UAN) remains unchanged.

Yash Saxena
Check PF Balance Anywhere With No Internet
Check PF Balance Anywhere With No Internet

The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) is a fundamental retirement savings option, where regular contributions are deducted from the employee's monthly salary, making it a hassle-free method to build a retirement corpus. Additionally, the employer also contributes an equal amount to the provident fund, typically 12% of the employee's dearness allowance and basic income, further bolstering the savings potential.

If an employee moves jobs, they can easily remain with the same EPF account because the UAN (Universal Account Number) does not change. In addition, under certain conditions, the EPFO allows individuals to withdraw a portion of their EPF corpus. However, in order to withdraw their EPF corpus, people must first understand how much money they have in their EPF. Here are some methods for checking EPF balance without internet access: 

Individuals who have activated their UAN can receive information about their PF account via SMS.

How to check my EPF balance by SMS?

To check EPF balance by SMS, one must first link their UAN to their KYC information and then send an SMS in the following format: EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7748499298

'ENG' denotes the intended language. The current EPF balance can be viewed in the language of one's choice. For every other language, insert the first three letters of the language. The table below contains a list of codes for some of the most commonly used languages.

Checking EPF balance via missed phone call

Dial 011-22901406 from the registered mobile phone to verify the current balance of the EPF account. It should be emphasized that in order to obtain information via missed call, the individual's UAN must be linked to their KYC.

The call will be disconnected after a few rings if you dial the provided number. Following that, an SMS alert with EPF information will be sent.

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