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EPFO Latest Update: How to Check Your PF Balance Through UMANG App?

To access the app and check their EPF information, EPF members must activate their UANs and register their phone numbers.

Binita Kumari

EPFO Update: You can save for retirement with the help of the Employees' Provident Fund Organization. The Government of India's Ministry of Labour and Employment is in charge of its administrative oversight.

It's important for subscribers to be aware of their PF balance in order to efficiently plan their retirement. The UMANG application now makes it simple for subscribers to monitor their PF balance at home.

The union ministry is constantly enhancing its services for EPFO users to make them more convenient to use. Since everything is now digital, a subscriber-only needs to sign up once to use their online credentials to access all services.

To access the app and check their EPF information, EPF members must activate their UANs and register their phone numbers. They can now access data regarding the EPF deposits made at the various businesses where they work. Every employee who has signed up for the EPF program is assigned a special Universal Account Number or UAN.

Here is how to use the UMANG App to check your EPF balance:

  • Download the Umang app from the Play Store or App Store.

  • Use your phone number to sign up.

  • From the list at the bottom, pick "All Services."

  • From the list of results, select "EPFO."

  • Click "View Passbook" to see your EPF balance in greater detail.

  • Click Get OTP after entering your UAN.

  • Pick "Login" after entering the OTP. the next instructions that show on your mobile device,

  • Your passbook and EPF balance will then be displayed on the screen.

How to Check PF Balance Through SMS?

  • By typing EPFOHO UAN ENG from your mobile number, send an SMS to 7738299899.

  • Your selected language is shown by the final three letters of an SMS. ENG here refers to English. There are a total of ten languages available for you to pick from, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Gujarati.

  • You must send HIN (Hindi), PUN (Punjabi), GUJ (Gujarati), MAR (Marathi), KAN (Kannada), TEL (Telugu), TAM (Tamil), MAL (Malayalam), and BEN (Bengali) for languages other than English.

  • The same mobile number that is linked with the mobile number UPN is used to send SMS (UAN).

  • Your final PF contribution, balance information, and any accessible KYC information will be sent to your mobile number by EPFO via SMS.

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