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Farmers Demands Relaxation in Moisture Content Levels as Wheat Starts Arriving in Mandis

In Karnal, the farmers seek relaxation in moisture content as wheat started arriving in markets and procurement centres.

Shivangi Rai
Labourers dry wheat grains at the Karnal Mandi on Wednesday.
Labourers dry wheat grains at the Karnal Mandi on Wednesday.

In markets and procurement centres of the district, wheat has started arriving but a high moisture content in grains is posing a threat to its procurement.

Till the afternoon of April 5, Grain markets and purchase centres witnessed the arrival of around 17,700 quintals of wheat but no procurement has been made so far even after the starting of government procurement on April 1.

Ishwar Singh Rana, district marketing enforcement officer (DMEO), HSAMB, Karal said, of the total arrival, the Karnal grain market recorded 4,395 quintals, followed by 3,568 in the Gharaunda grain market, 1,722 in Indri, 3,370 in the Nissing grain market, 800 quintals in Assandh, 390 in Kunjpura, 2,232 in Jundla, 450 quintals in Nigdhu, 716 quintals in Taraori, and 50 quintals at the Biana procurement centre.

To this, he added, “Due to the unseasonal rainfall, the moisture content in the grains is high, due to which the procurement agencies have not procured wheat. The prescribed moisture content is 12 per cent, while the grains which have been brought to grain markets have a moisture content between 16 and 18 per cent.”

The DMEO said, “For the procurement, we have made all arrangements. Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affair Department, Hafed, and Haryana State Warehousing Corporation have been pressed into service of procurement. Farmers, who have been waiting for the procurement, have demanded relaxation in the prescribed moisture norms.”

They were expecting a good yield this year, but the untimely rainfall shattered their dreams and the production fell by 8 to 10 quintals. He demanded that the government should compensate farmers.

Another farmer, Gurlal Singh said he was also told that due to high moisture content, his crop could not be procured. He said the government should give some relaxation in the moisture content for relief to farmers who have already suffered huge losses.

In the meantime, farmers are making efforts to safeguard their crops in fields. Rajpal, a farmer said, “I fear the discolouring of grains as flattened crops were submerged in water. I request the government to compensate farmers for the loss.”

Sewa Singh Arya, president of BKU (Arya), demanded a special girdawari and a compensation of Rs 25,000 per acre as the farmers due to this rainfall have suffered huge losses. Rattan Mann, president of BKU (Mann), said they would protest on April 6 to demand a special girdawari and compensation to farmers. From Jatt Dharamshala to the mini secretariat, they would start a protest march.

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