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Farmers in Annamayya District Reap Big Profits through Millet Cultivation, Earning Nearly 7,000/Quintal

The millet farmers in Annamayya district of Andhra Pradesh are earning massive profit by investing Rs. 10000 in millet cultivation. Read complete details here!

Vivek Singh
Farmers in Annamayya are earning handsome profits through millet cultivation (Photo Credit: NPR)
Farmers in Annamayya are earning handsome profits through millet cultivation (Photo Credit: NPR)

Whether it is a soluble or insoluble dietary fibre, both are abundant in millet. As a "prebiotic," the insoluble fibre promotes the growth of healthy bacteria. These sorts of fibre are essential for keeping stools bulky that play a vital role in lowering the chance of developing colon cancer.

They are a crucial component of India's ecological and economic security and provide hundreds of thousands of resource-poor farmers with a significant supply of food and fodder. The terms "coarse cereals" or "cereals of the poor" are other names for these millets. Hence, the demand for millets including foxtail millets, finger millets, sorghum, etc. has increased to an extent level.

Farmers from the Kadapa district which is popularly known for “Kadapa Stone” has earned a handsome profit from the cultivation of millet.

In the last few years, the demand for millet cultivation has taken a U-shape in different districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, millet is being sold at an amazing price of Rs. 60-70 per kilogram. Hence, millet farmers can easily sell and earn between Rs. 6000-7000 per quintal. Not only this, but the investment in millet cultivation is also low and a farmer can invest nearly ten thousand for millet crops and can easily yield 7-10 quintals. In recent years, it has been noticed that governments, agriculture officials, and other bodies have initiated several initiatives and programs to encourage farmers to millet cultivation.

The favourable condition for millets cultivation in the district has helped many farmers to produce and reap good amounts of profits. As per the report, the district is cultivating millets in 1520 acres and the Agriculture Department has estimated to enhance it by additional 2,000 acres of cultivation. Hence, it can be said that the road map created by the Agriculture Department would now be set to the target of 3,500 acres for millet cultivation.

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